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Courses list for assignment work offers a wide variety of subjects in helping you complete your assignment. Here are the list of subjects:

  • Educational Leadership & Management

  • ​Business Administration

  • ​Creative Computing

  • ​Computer Science

  • ​Global Diplomacy

  • ​Climate Change & Development

  • ​Economics, Management, Finance and Social Sciences

  • ​Education

  • ​English

  • ​Faculty

  • ​Global MBA

  • ​History

  • ​Human Rights

  • ​Human Resource Management (HRM)

  • ​Information Security

  • ​International Foundation & Management Programme

  • ​Laws

  • ​Masters in Educational and Social Research

  • ​Organizational Psychology

  • ​Petroleum Geoscience

  • ​Philosophy

  • ​Professional Accountancy

  • ​Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics

  • Other Courses

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