Money-Back Guarantee

It is to be noted that only plagiarism level which is above 15% is considered to be an unacceptable level thus warrant you the right to ask for a refund.
Also, please note that bibliographical references shall not be regarded as plagiarism thus should not be included in the plagiarism level mentioned above.
Please be advised that we are not responsible and thus you will not be eligible for a refund should your work be poorly assessed or given any grade which is not up to your satisfaction.
In case you believe you qualify for a refund, we encourage you to contact our customer service via Live Chat, or Email or even via Whatsapp to ensure your case is looked into carefully with a view of the most appropriate solution.
And so, to qualify for the Money-Back Guarantee, we invite you to ensure that it is only possible under such circumstances of which include:-
1)  There is an official plagiarism report being presented of which must be above 15%;
2) The paper presented to you did not meet the clearly stated order description
However, you will need to ensure that there is a need to back up your refunds such as justifiable reasons, facts and supporting documentation if any.
You may not be able to cancel your order once it has been assigned to the writer and this includes any changes to the instructions given earlier.


Secure Payment Method

All payment made to is secure and uses Paypal.

Paypal Official Website

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