Top Commonly Asked Questions



Yes. You can do so by contacting our customer support team via email,

If I wish to check the status of my order, will that be possible?



We provide discounts for returning customers only.

When can I qualify for a discount?



Yes, you can but must ensure you have a strong valid reason/s to substantiate such refund request. Please contact our customer support team for the process or procedure that you need to adhere to.

Can I request for a refund?



Step 1: You will need to place the order.


Step 2: Upon confirming to undertake the order, we will provide you with the price quotation.


Step 3: You will then be required to make your payment.


Step 4: Upon receiving your payment, we will provide you with the confirmation that works on the order is in progress.


Step 5: You will receive a completed order on the specified deadline.

If I wish to make an order, what are the steps involved



Yes, you can but must ensure you do so within 24 hours and that the instructions are not significantly different from the earlier one.

If I have an additional instructions or need to amend initial instructions, can I do so?

Secure Payment Method

All payment made to is secure and uses Paypal.

Paypal Official Website

For more information, please visit Paypal's website.

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