MH370: Crisis Communication Management Strategies Assignment, MMA, Malaysia All businesses in the world are vulnerable to crises that can give a damaging impact on the organization’s reputation

University Mars Management Academy (MMA)
Subject MH370: Crisis Communication Management Strategies

All businesses in the world are vulnerable to crises that can give a damaging impact on the organization’s reputation. The peculiar disappearance of flight MH370 has been one of the most highlighted and debated crises from the global perspective, leaving Malaysia Airlines, the carrier, in a tangled situation. This study aims to bridge the gap in research and provide insights into crisis management strategies employed by Malaysia Airlines in times of crisis.

The Situational Crisis Communication Theory is used as a framework in the analysis to explore the alignment of crisis management operated by the airlines and the recommendations for managing a crisis as guided by theory. The methodology used for this study is the qualitative approach. Hence, the data for this study was obtained from a set of fifteen media statements, six newspaper articles, and four website articles covering on MH370 crisis that have been analyzed using the content analysis approach.

It was found that the airline was somehow successful in handling the families of victims but not in delivering the crisis messages as it obeyed and violated the recommendations in the SCCT. It concludes that MAS was fairly productive in implementing strategies as it shows the bad and good ways of handling a major disaster.

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