ABKK1103: Introduction to Political Science Assignment, OUM, Malaysia There are many definitions related to politics. One of the most famous definitions of politics is by Harold Lasswell

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject ABKK1103: Introduction to Political Science

There are many definitions related to politics. One of the most famous definitions of politics is by Harold Lasswell. According to him, politics is “Who gets what, when, and how.” Therefore, this definition has embodied political behavior all over the world, with politicians being driven by their interest in the arenas of politics and economics to compete against competitors by any means. In contrast, there are four branches of Political Science Political Philosophy, Comparative Politics, Public Administration, and International Relations.

  1. Think of the most recent personal experiences that you have encountered that involved relationships of power. Did your personal experiences involve either coercion, influence or authority? Discuss.
  2. Select any branches of Political Science, then, describe the importance of studying this branch of Political Science.
  3. In your opinion, what is the most controversial political issue that has been faced Malaysia in 2022? Analyze this political issue without bias.

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