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UBFF2013 Business Finance Individual Assignment Sample, UTAR, Malaysia

The UBFF2013 Business Finance course at UTAR in Malaysia provides students with essential knowledge and skills in financial management within a business context. Through lectures, case studies, and assignments, students learn about financial analysis, budgeting, investment decisions, and risk management. Emphasis is placed on understanding financial principles and applying them…


OUMH2203 English For Workplace Communication OUM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

OUMH2203 English for Workplace Communication equips students with essential language skills for professional settings. Based in Malaysia, this course focuses on improving English proficiency through practical workplace scenarios. Students learn effective communication strategies, including writing emails, reports, and participating in meetings. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary, grammar, and cultural nuances…


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BBNG3103 International Business Perniagaan Antarabangsa OUM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

BBNG3103 International Business (Perniagaan Antarabangsa) at OUM (Open University Malaysia) provides a comprehensive understanding of global business environments, strategies, and operations. Students explore topics including international trade, foreign investment, cultural diversity, and global market dynamics.  Through case studies and interactive learning, learners gain insights into the challenges and opportunities of…


CHM579 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

CHM579 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry at UITM in Malaysia delves into the intricacies of chemical bonding, focusing on elements in the second period, transition metals, and ligands (coordination compounds). The CHM579  course emphasizes the significance of these compounds in biological systems.  Lectures, combining traditional teaching and active learning, provide a comprehensive…


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LAS653 Landscape Architecture Research Method UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

The LAS653 Landscape Architecture Research Method course at UITM in Malaysia aims to impart a comprehensive understanding of research's significance in shaping landscape planning and design. Focused on unraveling the intricate connections between people and their physical environments, the course equips students with a diverse set of tools, encompassing mapping,…


LAW755 Company Law UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

The LAW755 Company Law course at UITM in Malaysia provides a comprehensive overview of Malaysian company law tailored for non-law graduate students at the postgraduate level. The curriculum delves into the organizational structure of corporations, exploring their distinctive legal characteristics within the business landscape. Special attention is given to the…


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HRM666 HR Internship UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

The HRM666 HR Internship at UITM in Malaysia is a culminating course for undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Business and Management. As outlined in the Plan of Study, students undertake a 24-week internship in organizations approved by the Industrial Training Unit. This practical training serves as a platform for…


MPH734 Health Management UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

MPH734 Health Management at UiTM is a comprehensive three-unit course in Malaysia, equipping candidates with essential knowledge for effective healthcare management. Focused on analysis, decision-making, and critical evaluation, it empowers candidates to handle diverse aspects of healthcare organizations.  The curriculum emphasizes skill development in needs assessment, problem-solving, and population-level health…


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ECM757 Financial Management For Engineers UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The ECM757 Financial Management for Engineers course at UITM in Malaysia provides a comprehensive overview of fundamental financial management concepts. Students will gain insights into analyzing an organization's financial statements for budgetary planning, decision-making, and strategic planning. The course covers topics such as interest rates, time value of money, cash…

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