Engineering Software and Applications Assignment, APU, Malaysia In signal and system engineering, there are many transformation techniques available to convert certain signals into specific formats

University Asia Pacific University (APU)
Subject Engineering Software and Applications

In signal and system engineering, there are many transformation techniques available to convert certain signals into specific formats for different applications. Examples like Laplace Transform or Fourier Transform are widely used in telecommunication applications. A simulator is beneficial for the user to know the outcome after providing input to the transformation.

Engineering Software and Applications

Outline a Graphical-User-Interface (GUI) using GUIDE or AppDesigner
with an appropriate design that is able to create the simulator. Your GUI should be able to receive user input to set parameters and display the output accordingly. Please include at least one (1)
innovative idea inside your program.

Produce (CLO2-C4-PLO2) a report with the detail of the constructed GUI. Your report shall include

1. Design and flow of the program: You should produce a flowchart to explain the flow of your program.
2. Format and style of the program: You should explain the coding you have produced with a brief description.
3. Brief description of introduction, results, discussion, and conclusion.

  • Build your software routines based on the objectives; clearly label your routines with comments to aid understanding.
  • Organize your software routines in proper formatting, devoid of syntax errors, and fully executable.
  • Performing the software routine in matrix-processing operations is to be an advantage.
  • Submit the required software routines electronically as well as in text-based form.
  • Plagiarism of software codes will be penalized.

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