TCC 233/05: Database Management Systems Assignment, UTAR, Malaysia Describe attributes and tuples in detail, and use examples to elaborate on each of them

University Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)
Subject TCC 233/05: Database Management Systems
  • Question 1
  • Given the following anatomy figure:

  1. Describe attributes and tuples in detail, and use examples to elaborate on each of them. What are the similarity and differences between them?
  2. Explain how rows, columns, and tables are relevant in a relational database
  3. Describe the view by giving a simple example. What are the advantages of
    using the views?

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  • Question 2
  1. Write the DML codes to create each of the tables shown above
  2. Write the DDL codes to insert the data into the tables as shown above.
  3. Identify the Superkeys for staff relations.
  4. Based on the tables of the above-given schema, write SQL integrity enhancement features for the following constraints:
  5. bookID in Borrow must be the one that exists as code in Book.
  6. Salary must be an integer value above 0.
  7. the joined date is not present or future dates.
  • Question 3
  1. Based on the table given above provide the relevant relational algebra
    operations that is been described in the following statements:
  2. List all employees in the library whose salaries are greater than 2000.00.
  3. Produce a list of students, showing only the student id, name, and contact
  4. List the book title and publisher students had borrowed (No title should
    be repeated).

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