THEORETICAL ASPECTS OF COMPUTER SCIENCE Assignment, MUM, Malaysia You are required to develop a computer program with Python programming language to try and solve it

University Monash University Malaysia (MUM)

Task Description

 Problem: Partition Problem

Given a set  of numbers, decide if it can be partitioned into two sets such that they both have the same sums.


You will be assigned to the problems stated above and you are required to develop a computer program with Python programming language to try and solve it. You have to choose one of non-exact/approximation method from the list:

Non-exact Methods:

  1. Genetic Algorithm
  2. Tabu Search
  3. GRASP
  4. Simulated Annealing
  • Include the code explanation on how the code of the non-exact method can apply in the partition problem.
  • Include an in-depth derivation of the time complexity based on the non-exact method that apply the partition problem.

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