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ASC380 Fundamental Of Social Security UITM Assignment Answer Malaysia 

ASC380 Fundamental of Social Security is a comprehensive course that explores the essential concepts, functions, and operations of social security pensions. TheASC380 course primarily focuses on the social security programs in Malaysia, while also incorporating international perspectives on social security pensions. Throughout the course, students will gain a deep understanding of the demographic and economic challenges commonly encountered by social security systems globally.

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Assignment Brief 1 : Explain the concept of social security, economic security, and insecurity.

Social security is a system created to help individuals and families during challenging times by offering financial aid and support. It consists of various programs and policies aimed at providing assistance when people need it the most. It aims to protect individuals from various risks and uncertainties throughout their lives, such as old age, disability, unemployment, and poverty. Social security programs are typically funded through contributions from both employees and employers, as well as through government revenues.

Economic security, on the other hand, is a broader concept that encompasses the overall stability and well-being of individuals and societies. It refers to the state of having a stable income, access to basic necessities, and protection against economic shocks and vulnerabilities. Economic security includes factors such as employment opportunities, income stability, social safety nets, access to healthcare and education, and the ability to save for the future.

Insecurity, in contrast, refers to the absence or inadequacy of social and economic protections, leaving individuals vulnerable to various risks and uncertainties. It can manifest in different forms, including poverty, unemployment, lack of access to healthcare, inadequate housing, and limited educational opportunities. Insecurity can have detrimental effects on individuals’ well-being, as well as on the overall stability and prosperity of societies.

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Assignment Brief 2 : Describe the features and principles of social security programs.

Social security programs typically encompass a range of features and principles aimed at providing assistance and support to individuals and families. Some of the key features and principles of social security programs include:

  • Universality: Social security programs are often designed to be available to all individuals within a certain jurisdiction, regardless of their income level or employment status. This universal approach ensures that everyone has access to a basic level of support and protection.
  • Social insurance: Many social security programs operate on the principle of social insurance, where individuals contribute through regular payments or premiums during their working years and are then eligible to receive benefits when they face specific risks or circumstances, such as retirement, disability, or unemployment.
  • Income replacement: Social security programs aim to provide a replacement or supplement to individuals’ lost income due to specific risks, such as unemployment or disability. The benefits are typically calculated based on the individual’s previous earnings or contributions.
  • Risk pooling: Social security programs pool the financial resources of a large number of individuals to spread the risks and costs associated with specific events, such as illness, old age, or job loss. This pooling mechanism ensures that the burden of providing support is shared across society.
  • Redistributive element: Social security programs often have a redistributive component, aiming to reduce income inequalities and alleviate poverty. They may provide higher benefits or additional support to individuals with lower incomes or greater needs.
  • Sustainability: Social security programs strive to maintain long-term sustainability by balancing the costs of providing benefits with the available resources. This may involve adjusting contribution rates, eligibility criteria, or benefit levels over time to ensure the continued viability of the program.

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