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CPA783 Organisational And Strategic Management UITM Assignment Answer Malaysia

CPA783 Organisational and Strategic Management is designed to equip construction project managers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively handle managerial responsibilities. The CPA783 course is divided into two main areas of focus: Organisational Behaviour and Corporate Strategic Management. Through a combination of lectures, seminars, and tutorials, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of key concepts and practices in these domains.

By the end of this course, construction project managers will have developed a strong foundation in organisational behaviour and corporate strategic management, enabling them to effectively lead and manage construction projects in a dynamic and competitive environment.

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Assignment Task 1: Assess Corporate Strategic Management and Organisational Behaviour of the construction industry.

In the construction industry, corporate strategic management plays a vital role in shaping the success and growth of organizations. It involves the formulation and implementation of strategies to achieve long-term objectives and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Organizational behavior, on the other hand, focuses on understanding and managing individual and group dynamics within an organization. Let’s assess these aspects in the context of the construction industry.

Corporate Strategic Management in Construction:

  • Mission and Vision: Construction companies establish their mission and vision statements to define their purpose, values, and long-term aspirations. These statements guide the strategic decision-making process and provide a sense of direction to the organization.
  • Environmental Analysis: Construction organizations conduct thorough analyses of the external environment, such as market trends, regulatory frameworks, and technological advancements. This analysis helps identify opportunities and potential threats, enabling the formulation of effective strategies.
  • Competitive Advantage: To stay ahead in the highly competitive construction industry, organizations must develop a unique competitive advantage. This could be achieved through factors like cost leadership, differentiation, innovation, or a combination of these strategies.
  • Strategic Planning: Construction companies engage in strategic planning to set objectives, allocate resources, and define action plans. This process involves assessing internal capabilities, identifying key performance indicators, and aligning strategies with organizational goals.
  • Risk Management: Due to the complex and uncertain nature of construction projects, effective risk management is crucial. Strategic management involves identifying and assessing risks, implementing risk mitigation strategies, and creating contingency plans to ensure project success.

Organizational Behaviour in Construction:

  • Leadership: Effective leadership is essential in the construction industry to inspire and motivate employees. Leaders should possess strong communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and a collaborative approach to managing teams.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Construction projects involve multiple stakeholders and interdisciplinary teams. Organizational behavior focuses on fostering teamwork, establishing clear roles and responsibilities, and promoting effective communication among team members.
  • Safety Culture: Construction organizations prioritize safety due to the inherent risks associated with the industry. Creating a positive safety culture involves establishing protocols, providing training, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations to protect employees and enhance productivity.
  • Change Management: The construction industry is subject to continuous change, whether it’s technological advancements, market shifts, or regulatory updates. Effective organizational behavior involves managing change by promoting adaptability, providing training for new processes, and facilitating smooth transitions.

Assignment Task 2: Display the conventional and the changing organisational behaviour of construction organisation and commitment towards organisational goals.

Conventional Organizational Behaviour: 

Traditionally, construction organizations have displayed certain characteristics in their organizational behavior:

  • Hierarchical Structure: Conventional construction organizations often have a hierarchical structure with clear lines of authority and decision-making processes. Roles and responsibilities are well-defined, and communication flows vertically through different levels.
  • Centralized Decision Making: Decision-making authority is concentrated at the top levels of the organization. Decisions regarding project planning, resource allocation, and risk management are made by senior management without significant involvement from lower-level employees.
  • Command-and-Control Culture: A command-and-control culture prevails in conventional construction organizations, where managers exercise strict control over employees and focus on achieving compliance. The emphasis is more on task completion rather than employee empowerment or engagement.

Changing Organizational Behavior: 

  • Flatter Organizational Structures: Many construction organizations are adopting flatter structures to enhance communication and decision-making. This allows for more collaboration, quicker response times, and increased employee involvement in the decision-making process.
  • Empowerment and Engagement: Construction organizations are recognizing the importance of empowering employees and promoting their engagement. This includes involving employees in problem-solving, encouraging their input, and providing opportunities for growth and development.
  • Emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion: The construction industry is becoming more aware of the benefits of diversity and inclusion. Organizations are actively promoting diversity in their workforce, creating inclusive environments, and fostering a culture of respect and equal opportunities.
  • Agile and Adaptive Approaches: Given the dynamic nature of the construction industry, organizations are embracing agile and adaptive approaches. This involves being flexible and responsive to changes, embracing innovation and new technologies, and continuously improving processes.

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Assignment Task 3: Explain with confidence the corporate strategic management, philosophies and techniques to expand the horizon of management

Corporate strategic management philosophies and techniques provide frameworks and tools to expand the horizon of management in organizations. Here are some key concepts:

Visionary Leadership: 

Visionary leadership is a philosophy that emphasizes the importance of a clear and inspiring vision for the organization. Leaders who adopt this philosophy communicate the vision effectively, motivate employees to work towards it, and align strategies and actions with the long-term goals of the organization.

SWOT Analysis: 

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis is a technique used to assess the internal and external factors that can impact an organization. By conducting a comprehensive SWOT analysis, management gains insights into their strengths to leverage, weaknesses to address, opportunities to seize, and threats to mitigate.

Porter’s Five Forces: 

Porter’s Five Forces framework is a strategic management tool that analyzes the competitive dynamics of an industry. It assesses five key forces: threat of new entrants, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of buyers, threat of substitute products or services, and intensity of competitive rivalry. Understanding these forces helps management develop effective strategies to gain a competitive advantage.

Balanced Scorecard: 

The balanced scorecard is a performance measurement and management system that provides a holistic view of an organization’s performance. It incorporates financial and non-financial metrics, such as customer satisfaction, employee engagement, process efficiency, and innovation. This technique helps management align various aspects of the organization with its strategic objectives.

Scenario Planning: 

Scenario planning is a technique used to anticipate and prepare for future uncertainties. It involves developing multiple scenarios that depict different possible futures and their implications for the organization. By considering a range of scenarios, management can make informed decisions and develop strategies that are flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances.

Assignment Task 4:Demonstrate corporate strategic management, philosophies and techniques to expand the horizon of management.

To demonstrate the application of corporate strategic management philosophies and techniques, let’s consider a construction company expanding its operations internationally:

  • Visionary Leadership: The company’s CEO communicates a compelling vision of becoming a global leader in sustainable construction. The vision inspires employees and guides strategic decisions, such as investing in green technologies and adopting environmentally friendly practices.
  • SWOT Analysis: The company conducts a SWOT analysis to assess its internal capabilities and external market conditions in potential target countries. The analysis helps identify strengths to leverage, weaknesses to address, market opportunities to pursue, and potential threats to mitigate.
  • Porter’s Five Forces: Before entering new markets, the company applies Porter’s Five Forces analysis to understand the competitive landscape and determine its positioning strategies. It assesses factors such as local regulations, competitors’ strengths, and potential entry barriers, enabling the company to develop appropriate market entry strategies.
  • Balanced Scorecard: The company adopts a balanced scorecard approach to measure and manage its international expansion efforts. It establishes key performance indicators (KPIs) related to market share, customer satisfaction, employee training and development, and sustainability metrics. Regular monitoring and evaluation of these KPIs ensure that the company stays on track towards achieving its expansion goals.
  • Scenario Planning: Considering the uncertainties associated with international expansion, the company engages in scenario planning. It develops scenarios based on factors such as political stability, economic conditions, and regulatory changes in target countries. This helps management anticipate potential risks and develop contingency plans to mitigate them.

By implementing these corporate strategic management philosophies and techniques, the construction company expands its horizon of management, navigates the complexities of international markets, and increases its chances of success in achieving its expansion objectives.

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