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CSC186 Object Oriented Programming Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

The CSC186 course aims to provide students with an understanding of object-oriented programming, which is used in many modern programs. It helps computer scientists and programmers design software more effectively because it allows them access to different ways that something can be done instead of just one option at a time like before when people would only program using lines or Slater’s Dentist Mode ( DSL ). The OOP way also makes code easier for others who might need help reading through your script since there will always be some commonality present regardless if you’re coding from scratch again later on down the line after fixing bugs here and there.

In this class, students will learn about topics such as data abstraction, inheritance, and polymorphism. These concepts will be used to create more reliable and efficient programs. The course will also cover how to test programs using debuggers and other software tools. CSC186 is a great class for those who want to learn how to better design software and become more familiar with object-oriented programming.

This class is an important one for computer science students because it covers object-oriented programming, which is widely used in many modern programs. The course helps students understand how to design software more effectively, as well as learn about topics such as data abstraction, inheritance, and polymorphism.

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Assignment Brief 1: Identify OOP Application Model As Proposed Solutions Based On The Given Tasks Using UML

The Object-Oriented Programming Application Model (OOPAM) was proposed as a solution to the problems associated with traditional application development approaches. OOPAM is based on the concepts of object-oriented programming (OOP), which focuses on the reuse of objects and modularity. 

UML was developed as a way to visually represent the objects and functionality in an application. The class diagram is one of the most important UML diagrams, as it shows the relationships between classes and their attributes and methods. 

You can think of OOPAM as a blueprint for developing an application. It provides a structured approach that can be used to identify the objects in an application, their attributes and methods, and the relationships between them. In addition, OOPAM can be used to generate code that can be used to create the application.

The UML class diagram is a powerful tool for modelling the objects and functionality in an OOPAM application. By using the class diagram, you can easily identify the objects in an application and their relationships. In addition, the class diagram can be used to generate code that can create the application.

Assignment Brief 2: Develop The Application Of OOP Features On The Given Topics Which Perform In A Teamwork

To develop the application of OOP features on the given topics performed in a teamwork environment, you will need to

1) Establish Communication Between Team Members Using Appropriate Methods: To develop the application of OOP features on the given topics as a team, team members must establish communication to share ideas, discuss problems, and collaborate on solutions. There are a variety of methods that can be used for effective team communication, such as face-to-face meetings, video conferencing, telephone calls, emails, instant messaging, and online collaboration tools. It is important to identify the most effective communication method for each situation to ensure that all team members can participate and contribute.

2) Organize Files and Code Structures Logically: To develop the application of OOP features on the given topics as a team, it is important to organize files and code structures logically. This will help team members to easily find and understand the code they need to work on, as well as minimize the risk of errors and confusion. One way to organize files and code structures is to use a naming convention that indicates the purpose of each file and class. Another way to organize files and code structures is to create clear and concise documentation that explains the overall structure and purpose of the code.

If you can successfully implement these steps, your team will be able to produce high-quality code that is both efficient and reliable. In addition, by establishing effective communication and collaboration among team members, your team will be able to work together more effectively and efficiently.

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Assignment Brief 3: Apply The Main Characteristics Of OOP Concept To Professionally Relate Solutions To The Real World Problems

There are four main characteristics of OOP: encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction. These concepts can be applied to real-world problems in several ways.

Encapsulation refers to the bundling of code and data into a single entity. In the real world, this can be seen in something like a software component or library. By encapsulating code and data, it is easier to reuse and maintain software. This is because changes to the internals of an entity can be made without affecting its users.

Inheritance comes into play when one object is a specialization of another object. For example, if we have a class for shapes, we might have subclasses for circles and rectangles. The subclass inherits the behaviour of the superclass, but can also add its unique behaviour. In the real world, this is seen in things like animal species. A cat is a specialization of the animal class, and inherits all the basic behaviour of animals, but has some unique behaviours of its own.

Polymorphism refers to the ability of an object to take on many different forms. In the real world, this is seen in things like animals that can change their appearance to camouflage themselves. In software, polymorphism is often used to allow objects of different types to be used interchangeably. For example, we might have a function that takes an object and prints its name. If we have a subclass of objects, we can still use that function without having to change it, because the subclass will have a different name.

Abstraction refers to the process of hiding the details of an object from its users. In the real world, this is seen in things like black boxes. We don’t need to know the details of how something works to use it. In software, abstraction is often used to provide a simplified interface to a complex system. For example, we might have a software library that provides a set of basic functions for working with images. We don’t need to know the details of how the library works to use it. We can just call the functions and trust that they will work as expected.

Assignment Brief 4: Demonstrate A Simple Program Individually Using OOP Features Based On The Information Gained

There are many different ways to demonstrate a simple program using OOP features. However, the most important thing is to make sure that you include all of the information that you have gathered in your answer. This will ensure that your demonstration is accurate and complete. Additionally, it is always helpful to use an example when demonstrating a concept. For this reason, we have included an example below which demonstrates how to create a simple customer data class using OOP features.

class CustomerData { 

  private String name; 

  private int age; 

  public CustomerData(String name, int age) { 

    this.name = name; 

    this.age = age; 


  public String getName() { 

    return name; 


public int getAge() {

return age;



As you can see, the customer data class makes use of both encapsulation and data hiding. The name and age variables are declared as private, which means that they can only be accessed by methods within the Customer Data class. This ensures that the data is secure and can only be modified by authorized code. Additionally, the getName() and get() methods allow outside code to retrieve the data, but only in a read-only fashion. This prevents unauthorized code from changing the data and ensures the integrity of the customer records.

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