Science Assignment Sample for Malaysian Students

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CHM579 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

CHM579 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry at UITM in Malaysia delves into the intricacies of chemical bonding, focusing on elements in the second period, transition metals, and ligands (coordination compounds). The CHM579  course emphasizes the significance of these compounds in biological systems.  Lectures, combining traditional teaching and active learning, provide a comprehensive…


MPH734 Health Management UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

MPH734 Health Management at UiTM is a comprehensive three-unit course in Malaysia, equipping candidates with essential knowledge for effective healthcare management. Focused on analysis, decision-making, and critical evaluation, it empowers candidates to handle diverse aspects of healthcare organizations.  The curriculum emphasizes skill development in needs assessment, problem-solving, and population-level health…


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BIO011 Biology For Pre Diploma I UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

BIO011 Biology for Pre-Diploma I at UITM provides a foundational understanding of key biological concepts. The course covers cell structure, components, and functions, as well as basic animal and plant tissues, structures, and functions.  Students will explore organ structures and functions, along with fundamental concepts of nutrition, including the digestive…


AGR765 Environmental Management UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

This course, AGR765 Environmental Management at UITM in Malaysia, aims to acquaint students with the intricacies of environmental management, focusing on the impact of agricultural activities. Through lectures and practical experiences, students will develop integrative reasoning skills essential for addressing real-world environmental challenges in agriculture.  The  AGR765 course emphasizes research…


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AGR506 Agricultural Biotechnology UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

The AGR506 Agricultural Biotechnology course at UITM, Malaysia, offers an introductory exploration of biotechnology's potential in addressing challenges within the plantation sector. While technical expertise is not a prerequisite, students will gain awareness of biotechnology's capacity to provide environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions. The AGR506 course delves into plant biotechnology,…


ADS451 Ethics In Administration UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia 

The "ADS451 Ethics in Administration" course at UITM, Malaysia, provides students with an introduction to the study of ethics. It covers various ethical theories and explores the ethical conflicts and dilemmas encountered by administrators in their daily work settings. The course also delves into crucial topics, including law, the environment,…


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SUG657 Environmental Studies UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

The SUG657 Environmental Studies course at UiTM in Malaysia covers various aspects of environmental science, focusing on the intricate relationship between humanity and its surroundings. Students explore the impact of geological, soil, and climatic factors on topographical changes. The course delves into the vital concept of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)…


TPS350 Development Planning Project UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

The TPS350 Development Planning Project at UITM, Malaysia, is designed to guide students through the process of creating a comprehensive development project. This course focuses on addressing significant local issues with strategic importance, aiming to enhance the study area's economic, social, and environmental aspects.  Students will learn to formulate a…


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AAR604 Architectural Science II UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

AAR604 Architectural Science II at UITM, Malaysia, delves into the integral aspects of architectural design, focusing on the visual and auditory dimensions within buildings. The course encompasses essential principles of artificial lighting and introduces fundamental concepts in acoustics. As the concluding architectural science course, it also incorporates an environmental design…


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