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ECM712 Management Of Telecommunication Networks And Services UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

The ECM712 Management of Telecommunication Networks and Services course at UITM, Malaysia, explores the complexities of the convergence between the telecommunications, computer, and television industries. It emphasizes the management and control systems perspective, addressing the challenges and opportunities that arise in this convergence. Additionally, the course anticipates and discusses future technological changes and their potential impacts on the integration of Telephony, Computers, and Television.

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Assignment Brief 1: Ability to evaluate the underlying issues on the convergence of telecommunications, computers and television industries from the management perspective

The assignment brief you’ve provided outlines a task or project related to evaluating certain aspects of the convergence of the telecommunications, computers, and television industries, specifically from a management perspective. Let’s break down the key components of this assignment brief:

  • Convergence of Telecommunications, Computers, and Television Industries: This refers to the coming together or integration of these three industries – telecommunications (which includes mobile and landline communication), computers (including hardware and software), and television (broadcasting and content delivery).
  • Management Perspective: You are expected to approach this topic from the viewpoint of management. In other words, you’ll need to consider how decisions, strategies, and actions by management in these industries have contributed to or been influenced by this convergence.
  • Evaluating the Underlying Issues: Your main task is to assess and analyze the fundamental issues and challenges that are associated with this convergence. This might include technological, economic, regulatory, or market-related challenges.
  • Assignment Explanation: The assignment brief is essentially an instruction or guideline for a specific academic or professional task. In this case, you’re being asked to explain and analyze the convergence of these industries from a management perspective.

Your assignment would likely involve research, analysis, and presenting your findings and insights in a coherent manner, addressing issues, potential solutions, and the implications of this convergence for these industries. The objective is to demonstrate your ability to critically evaluate and understand the complex issues at the intersection of these industries.

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Assignment Brief 2: Ability to differentiate between current and future Telecommunication technologies and direction of industry players.

The second assignment brief you’ve provided focuses on your ability to distinguish between current and future telecommunication technologies, as well as understanding the direction that industry players (companies and organizations in the telecommunication sector) are heading. Here’s a breakdown of the key elements:

  • Differentiating Between Current and Future Telecommunication Technologies: This part of the assignment requires you to identify and explain the technologies that are currently being used in the field of telecommunications. This may include technologies like 4G, fiber optics, satellite communication, or any others that are presently in use. You’ll also need to discuss emerging or future technologies that are on the horizon, like 5G, quantum communication, or other innovations that are expected to impact the industry.
  • Direction of Industry Players: In this part, you should analyze the strategies, goals, and actions of major players in the telecommunication industry. This could involve telecom companies, network providers, technology manufacturers, and other stakeholders. You’ll need to determine how these industry players are positioning themselves for the future, what new services or technologies they are investing in, and how they plan to remain competitive.

Your assignment will likely involve research, data analysis, and presenting your findings in a clear and informative manner. The objective is to demonstrate your ability to discern the current state of telecommunication technologies and the strategies of key industry players for future developments in the field.

Assignment Brief 3: Ability to discuss future changes that are likely to take place and its impact on the convergence of Telephony, Computers and Television.

The third assignment brief you’ve provided focuses on your ability to discuss future changes that are expected to occur and the impact these changes are likely to have on the convergence of telephony, computers, and television. Here’s a breakdown of the key components:

  • Future Changes: This part of the assignment requires you to identify and discuss the anticipated developments or transformations that are likely to take place in the near or distant future. These changes could encompass technological advancements, regulatory shifts, market trends, consumer behaviors, or any other factors that are expected to impact the telephony, computers, and television industries.
  • Impact on Convergence: Your task is to analyze how these future changes are likely to influence the convergence of these three industries. Convergence refers to the integration or overlap of telephony, computers, and television, so you need to consider how the identified future changes will affect the interaction and integration of these sectors. This impact could be positive, negative, or a combination of both.

To complete this assignment, you will need to conduct research, make informed predictions or analyses, and present your insights clearly. The objective is to demonstrate your ability to foresee and comprehend the implications of upcoming changes on the convergence of telephony, computers, and television.

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