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LAW505 Criminal Law I UITM Assignment Answer Malaysia

LAW505 Criminal Law I in Malaysia is a course that focuses on the Malaysian legal system and its application to criminal law. The course covers topics such as the function of criminal law, the various types of crimes, and the elements of each type of crime. In addition, the course also covers defenses to criminal charges, sentencing, and appellate procedure. This course is designed to give students a thorough understanding of the Malaysian criminal justice system and how it works in practice.

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Assignment Brief 1: Explain the alternative modes of classifying and defining criminal conduct.

The Malaysian Penal Code contains a number of alternative ways of classifying and defining criminal conduct. These include categories such as “offenses against the person”, “offenses against property”, “offenses against public order” and so on. Each of these categories contains a number of specific offenses, each with its own defined penalties.

Alternatives to the traditional classification system are sometimes used in different jurisdictions. For example, some countries classify crimes according to their perceived seriousness, with more serious offenses punishable by longer prison sentences or other harsher penalties. This approach is sometimes known as ” graduated response “.

Another alternative approach is to focus on the underlying motives for criminal behavior, rather than the specific acts committed. This might involve categorizing crimes as “white-collar” or “blue-collar”, for example, or as “crimes of passion” or “crimes of opportunity”.

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Assignment Brief 2: Knowing all legal requirements to be fulfilled to identify the conduct as criminal conductAnswer:

There are many legal requirements that must be met in order to identify criminal conduct. Some of these requirements may vary depending on the jurisdiction, but there are some basics that are typically required. For example, one requirement is that the act must be classified as a crime under the applicable law.

Another requirement is that there must be evidence that the accused person committed the act knowingly and intentionally. Often, this requires eyewitness testimony or video footage of the act being committed. Additionally, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of the crime charged. This burden of proof is extremely high and often difficult to meet. If you have any questions about specific legal requirements in your jurisdiction, it’s best to consult with an attorney or.

Assignment Brief 3: Identify criminal facts situations and apply the relevant rules and legal principles for resolution.

There are many different types of criminal cases, and each one requires its own specific legal principles for resolution. In general, though, there are a few key things to keep in mind when resolving any criminal case:

Make sure you have all the facts. This may seem obvious, but it’s vitally important in any criminal case. All too often, people make snap judgments based on incomplete information, which can lead to injustice. So take your time to gather all the facts before making any decisions.

Apply the relevant legal principles. Once you have all the facts, it’s time to apply the appropriate legal principles to resolve the case. Each legal system has different rules and regulations, so make sure you know what applies in your jurisdiction.

Be fair and impartial. It’s important to remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This standard is extremely high, and it’s important not to convict someone unless there is clear and convincing evidence of their guilt.

Follow the rule of law. Finally, it’s important to always follow the rule of law. This means applying the law evenly and fairly to everyone, regardless of their social status or personal connections.

By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that any criminal case is resolved fairly and justly.

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Assignment Brief 4: Elaborate on all general defenses of crime.

There are several general defenses of crime in Malaysia that may be raised by an accused person. These defenses include duress, necessity, intoxication, mental illness, and mistake of fact.

Duress is a defense where the accused can argue that they were forced or coerced into committing the criminal act because of threats made against them or a loved one.

Necessity is a defense where the accused can argue that they had no other choice but to commit the criminal act in order to prevent a greater harm from happening.

Intoxication is a defense where the accused can argue that they were so drunk or high at the time of the crime that they could not have known what they were doing was wrong.

Mental illness is a defense where the accused can argue that they were not in their right mind at the time of the crime and cannot be held responsible for their actions.

Mistake of fact is a defense where the accused can argue that they reasonably believed something to be true which turned out not to be the case and that this misunderstanding led to them committing the crime.

These are just some of the general defenses that may be raised in a criminal case. It’s important to remember that each defense has specific legal requirements that must be met in order for it to be successful. If you’re unsure about whether or not a particular defense applies in your case, it’s best to consult with an attorney.

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