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CSC339 Practical Training Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

This is the perfect opportunity for you to get hands-on experience with CSC339 and learn about how it works. The practical training will help you to get a feel for the different aspects of the course, and how they fit together. It will also give you an insight into how…


ENT600 Technopreneurship Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

ENT 600 Technopreneurship covers the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur, from starting your own business to managing it successfully. This course will give students the practical skills and knowledge needed to start their own business, as well as provide an overview of the entrepreneurial process. Topics covered include…


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EWC 663 Formal Meeting Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

The EWC 663 Formal Meeting is a formal event where employees can meet with their bosses, peers and other relevant parties to discuss work-related issues. It provides an opportunity for participants in the organization's management structure - whether they be executives or workers at all levels on campus –to come…


MPU 3113 Hubungan Etnik Soalan Dan Jawapan/MPU 3113 Ethnic Relations Questions And Answers

MPU 3113 is a course that helps students learn about ethnic relations and the importance of understanding different cultures. It also discusses how to manage conflicts when it comes time for you to have one of those uncomfortable conversations with someone from another group, but more importantly what does this…


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ECO211 Macroeconomics Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

The course will cover topics in macroeconomics, which is the study of how governments influence and regulate an economy. It includes factors like income distribution and employment rates among other things that affect our daily lives as well.  The course will provide an understanding of how the government implements policies…


MAF 151 Cost And Management Accounting Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

The cost and management accounting field is a constantly evolving industry, which means that new topics are coming out on an almost daily basis. This course covers the most current information in this rapidly changing world of business finances - from financial statement analysis to budgeting for success. You will…


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MGT162 Fundamentals Of Management Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

The course will teach you the fundamentals of management, including how to be an effective leader and decision-maker. You'll also explore leadership styles in depth so that your team can benefit from working with someone who advocates for their needs too. The course will also touch on the different types…


Mkt558 Group Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

Mkt558 Group UITM Assignment provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses alike, who are interested in progressing their skills through training programs that can help them achieve success both personally as well professionally; we offer courses on diverse topics ranging from marketing & sales management down to basic computer literacy…


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DSC651 Data Represent And Reporting Techniques Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

The creative and engaging way to present data is with DSC651 Data Representation & Reporting Techniques. This course will teach you how best practices for presenting your information so that it can be easily understood by any audience, whether they're sitting at a desk or walking around town looking at…

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