Biostatics Assignment, SU, Malaysia A company claims that its new manufacturing process results in a mean weight of 60 grams for a certain product

University Sunway University (SU)
Subject Biostatics
  • A company claims that its new manufacturing process results in a mean weight of 60 grams for a certain product. A quality control analyst takes a random sample of 25 products and finds the mean weight to be 58 grams with a standard deviation of 4 grams. Test the claim at a significance level of 0.05 using a one-tailed t-test.
  • A company that manufactures tennis balls claims that their balls have an average bounce height of 5 feet when dropped from a height of 6 feet. However, a customer complains that the balls they purchased do not meet this standard. The company wants to investigate the complaint by testing the hypothesis that the average bounce height of the balls they produce is indeed 5 feet. They randomly select a sample of 25 tennis balls and measure their bounce height when dropped from a height of 6 feet. The sample mean bounce height is 4.8 feet with a standard deviation of 0.6 feet. Conduct a hypothesis test at the 5% significance level to determine if the customer’s complaint is valid.

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  • A fast-food restaurant is considering introducing a new menu item to its menu. They want to compare the calorie content of the new menu item with that of their current most popular menu item. The current menu item has an average of 600 calories per serving. The restaurant has already conducted a study and found that the new menu item has an average of 550 calories per serving. They want to test the hypothesis that the new menu item has fewer calories than the current menu item at a 95% confidence level. The sample size for the current menu item is 40, and for the new menu item, it is 50, with a standard deviation of 20 for both samples.
  • A university wants to compare the effectiveness of two different teaching methods for a statistics course. One group of students will be taught using the traditional lecture-based method, while the other group will be taught using an interactive, discussion-based method. The university wants to know if there is a statistically significant difference in the mean final exam scores between the two groups. The data for both groups are normally distributed, and the population standard deviation is unknown. The university has collected a random sample of 100 students for each group, and the mean final exam scores for each group are 75 and 80, respectively. The level of
    significance is set at 0.05.

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