BDDN4103:The purpose of this assignment is to develop learners’ ability to identify root causes of problem(s) in an organisation: Introductory Business Decision Making, Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject BDDN4103: Introductory Business Decision Making

Part I


The purpose of this assignment is to develop learners’ ability to identify root causes of problem(s) in an organisation and ways to make decision to reduce risk.


Select any ONE food & beverage (F&B) franchise business in Malaysia. Identify and evaluate the possible business risk and uncertainty faced by the chosen company.

The assignment should highlight the following aspects:

  • Introduction of the selected F&B franchise business;
  • Evaluation of the possible business risks and uncertainties of the selected franchise business;
  • Description and illustrations of the problems of the selected franchise business using Ishikawa or Fishbone diagram;
  • Explanation on the decision-making process involved to overcome the problems encountered;
  • Identify and suggest the best way to overcome the problems while minimising risk; and
  • Summary of the assignment.

Part II


Discuss the following topic(s) in the forum and submit proof of your participation in the online discussions:

Most of us make decision either personal, business or organisation decision. Based on your personal experience, what is the most difficult decision-making that you have ever made in your life? How do you go through the process of decision-making? Share and discuss among your friends in the forum.

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