BFW3121: Investments and portfolio management Coursework, MUM, Malaysia The table below depict the expected return CCC Berhad and XXX Berhad for April and May

University Monash University Malaysia (MUM)
Subject BFW3121: Investments and portfolio management

The table below depict the expected return CCC Berhad and XXX Berhad for April and May:

a) Calculate the betas for both stocks.

b) Discuss the problems encounters when testing the CAPM empirically.

c) In light of the problems in CAPM: the APT model was proposed as an alternative. Discuss how the APT overcome the shortcoming of CAPM.

Suppose there are an infinite number of assets with an expected return of 12% p.a. and a standard deviation of 40%. Further, assume investors form equally-weighted portfolios.

(a) If the correlation between any two assets is zero, calculate the expected return and standard deviation of a randomly selected two-stock portfolio and three-stock portfolio.

(b) If the correlation between any two assets is 0.45. elaborate the highest possible expected return and lowest possible standard deviation in this case.

(c) Explain the implications of your results to the concept of diversification based on the key differences between the two approaches in estimating the mean variance optimal portfolio: the Sharpe diagonal and the Markowitz approach.

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