BMK307: Jesse Parker sells for Mid-East Metals. He has been callingvon Richmond Distributors for close to two years: Personal Selling and Salesmanship Assignment, Malaysia

Subject BMK307 Personal Selling and Salesmanship Assignment

Assignment 1

Jesse Parker sells for Mid-East Metals. He has been callingvon Richmond Distributors for close to two years. Throughout 15 calls, he has sold nothing to date. During an early call, Parker had Richmond’s engineers in to look over and test the quality of his products. The tests and the engineer’s responses were positive. He thinks that he is extremely close to getting an order. Parker knows that Richmond is happy with its present supplier, but he is aware that they have received some late deliveries. Terry Kitchel, Richmond’s senior buyer, has given every indication that he likes Parker’s products and Parker.

During Parker’s most recent call, Kitchel told him that he’d need a couple of weeks to go over Parker’s proposal. Kitchel really didn’t have any major objections during the presentation. Parker knows his price, quality, and service are equal to or exceed Richmond’s present supplier

1. Kitchel told Parker that he needed a couple of weeks to think about his proposal. Advise Parker on the way to handle the situation.

2. Determine the action Parker’s should taken during the sales presentation when Kitchel told him that he needed to think it over.

3. Determine the techniques Parker could have used to overcome the forestalling tactics.

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