CCS11303: OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING Assignment, SUT, Malaysia To provide an in-depth understanding of java programming and for students to demonstrate effective java skills

University Swinburne University of Technology (SUT)


To provide an in-depth understanding of java programming and for students to demonstrate effective java skills; and for students to be able to identify the problems along with strategies to be employed to solve the question. Chapter cover Chapter 2: Object Orientation

This assignment is to achieve CO:

CO2    construct a Java program that requires the use of arrays to hold primitive data types and objects. (C6,PLO2)

 Question 1

Create an application named TestMethods whose main() method holds two
integer variables. Assign values to the variables. In turn, pass each value to methods named displayIt(), displayItTimesTwo(), and display ItPlus OneHundred().  Create each method to perform the task its name implies.

Question 2

Write an application that displays the result of dividing two numbers and displays any remainder. The main() method contains variables that hold the values. Perform the calculation and display the results in a separate method from the main() method.

Question 3

Write an application that calculates and displays the weekly salary for an employee who earns RM25 an hour, works 40 regular hours and 13 overtime hours, and earns time and one-half (wage * 1.5) for overtime hours worked. Create a separate method to do the calculation and return result to the main() method to be displayed.

Question 4

Create a class named Invoice containing fields for an item number, name, quantity, price , and total cost. Create constructor to pass value of the item name, quantity and price. Also include a displayLine() method that calculates the total cost for the item (As price times quantity) then displays the item number, name, quantity price, and total cost. Save the class as

Create a class named TestInvoice whose main() method declares three invoice items. Provide values for each, and display them. Save the application as

Question 5

Jaya Jusco (JJ) Sdn Bhd needs you to develop an application to calculate their customer JJ point’s reward. Define a class named Customer with the following variables declarations:

String CustName;

String CustAddress;

int pointRewards;

  • Provide a default constructor and another constructor with three parameters. The constructor with parameters will assign the three values (String CustomerName, String CustomerAddress, int point). Define a public instance method named calculatePoint()to calculate the customer rewards if the point is greater than 300 points. The formula indicates that if the point is greater than 300 points, the system will add up extra 50 points.

Define another class named Testing to test the Customer class. Use the Scanner method to get the CustomerName, CustomerAddress and point values from the user. Declare class and create object Customer. Call the calculate Point( ) method to display the current customer points reward

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