ABCC1103: The aim of this assignment is to assess students’ capacity to formulate holistic solutions in addressing challenges and ethical concerns: Introduction To Communication, Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject ABCC1103: Introduction to Communication


The aim of this assignment is to assess students’ capacity to formulate holistic solutions in addressing challenges and ethical concerns within effective communication processes across diverse contexts. This requires a demonstration of comprehension regarding the critical factors influencing communication dynamics and their influence on successful interactions.


In communication, breakdowns often occur when roles are unclear or messages fail to consider diverse audience needs, leading to confusion and inefficiencies. Ethical challenges arise from non-transparent sharing of information and manipulation of content, which can skew decision-making and public perception. A major overall challenge is ensuring inclusivity and equal voice in group settings, while effectively engaging diverse public audiences with clear, balanced, and ethically sound communication.

Based on the above statement:

1) . Describe a hypothetical but plausible scenario in each of the following communication settings. Each scenario should illustrate a specific communication breakdown and an ethical issue and relate your discussion with accurate examples and references:

  • Group Communication; AND
  • Public Communication.

2). Discuss communication challenges unique to each of the communication settings. These challenges should be realistic and reflect common issues faced in these TWO environments.

3). Based on each described challenge, propose clear communication strategies that effectively address the issue. Your discussion should include specific references, actions, appropriate communication techniques, and consideration of the communication context.

4). Once you have completed writing the essay part – your next task is to prepare a video for a 5-minute duration to show/present your answers for questions 2 AND 3 only:

  • For this presentation, use your creativity to cover the main points discussed in your essay. Use suitable aids/media/backdrop/props and language to deliver the 5-minute presentation. Save your video in MPEG/MP4/etc. format with maximum size of 400MB. Then, submit your video through the online system.
  • However, please ensure your voice and face can be identified and seen during the presentation for evaluation purposes (refer to the video presentation rubric).

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Part II


Discuss the following questions in the forum and submit proof of your participation in the online discussions:

  1. Reflect on a significant moment in your life that notably influenced your identity. How did this event affect your views, beliefs, or behaviour? Describe the internal and external factors involved.
  2. Choose TWO journal articles from different cultural contexts that address communication challenges in modern society. Compare and contrast the communication issues discussed in these articles. What solutions do the authors propose, and how are these solutions shaped by cultural factors?

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