CT087-3-3: Using any concurrent programming language, simulate a Flight Control System: Real Time System Assignment, APU, Malaysia

University Asia Pacific University (APU)
Subject CT087-3-3-RTS Realtime Systems Assignment

Part 1: Simulation

Using any concurrent programming language, simulate a Flight Control System.  Your simulation must utilise RabbitMQ (or any other messaging system) to facilitate communication between the various components of the system, and feature sensory and actuator based processes.

You are required to devise your own business logic so as to be able to provide data/input to the sensors and the conditions under which the Flight Control system will activate the actuators.

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Additional marks are available for the simulation of the following:

  1. Sudden loss of cabin pressure

Landing of the aeroplane (ie switching from cruising mode to landing mode)

Part 2: Investigation Report.

The second part of the assignment requires you to research and document how different programming concepts/design effect the performance of your system.

This will require to you iteratively implement, measure and document the performance of the system, making tweaks and changes to your code as you go along.  Using appropriate benchmarking and profiling, are required to analyse the speed and efficiency of your simulation.

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