DCP5101: Program Design Assignment, MMU, Malaysia I need a standalone console application that can keep track of my restaurant sales. Customers will typically order food and drinks

University Multimedia University (MMU)
Subject DCP5101: Program Design

I need a standalone console application that can keep track of my restaurant sales. Customers will typically order food and drinks. We then will issue a bill listing all the ordered items with a sum to pay. Occasionally my restaurant will run promotions and customers need to present us discount coupons either for a 10% or a 20% discount.

This discount will be applicable to the total purchase. The application needs to show the price before the discount, the discount amount, and the net payable after the discount. We normally don’t offer any other discount amounts besides the 10% and the 20% discounts. But in the future, we may offer discounts specific to either food items or drink items, or even bundled packages. The application needs to be easy to extend if I want those features later.


Implement a console-based C program for the client’s requirement. Refer to the marking rubric on the requirement you need to fulfill.

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