DPB20043: Management Information System Case Study, PM, Malaysia Choose a company that protects its products using any one of the types of intellectual property as the above diagram

University Politeknik Malaysia (PM)
Subject DPB20043: Management Information System

The invention of numerous new technologies and the creation of the Internet and the World Wide Web have undoubtedly benefited all businesses, where products, services, and marketing communications can reach vast audiences at relatively low costs. However, this has also led to intellectual property theft issues in many organizations. Companies of all sizes are at risk of having their unique ideas, products, or services violated. Write up a report on how a company’s management used the following types of intellectual property to protect their business idea.

a. Choose a company that protects its products using any one of the types of intellectual property as the above diagram. (A1)
b. Discuss the types of intellectual property that you have chosen. (A2)
c. Clarify how the method of the intellectual property protects their idea, brands, works of authorship, and also functional features of their products. (A2)
d. Discuss the benefits of using registered intellectual property. (A2)

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