CHM420: Chemical Bonding Assignment, UiTM, Malaysia Explain why ethanol, CH₃CH₂OH is more soluble in water compared to chloroethane, CH₃CH₂Cl

University Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Subject CHM420: Chemical Bonding

Question 1

  • Explain why ethanol, CH₃CH₂OH is more soluble in water compared to chloroethane, CH₃CH₂Cl.
  • Although having a similar molecular structure, trichlorofluoromethane, CFCl₃ boils at the temperature of 23.7 ˚C, while dichlorofluoromethane, CF₂Cl₂ boils at -29.8 ˚C. Explain why the boiling point of CFCl₃ is higher than CF₂Cl₂.

Question 2

  • Predict the Lewis dot structure of the following molecules and polyatomic ions.
    i) HOBr
    ii) BF₄
    iii) SO₂Cl₂
  • And show step-by-step strategies of your above answer in a (i)

Question 3

  • For the following molecules or ions:
    i. Draw the electron dot structure.
    ii. Draw the molecular shape and determine the molecular geometry of the molecule.
    iii. Determine the approximate bond angles.
  • Your answer must include the step-by-step strategies with its solution.
    a. XeF₂
    b. ClO₂

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