MGT 2023: Organizational Behavior Assignment, KPTM, Malaysia Psychologist Albert Bandura is the researcher most often associated with learning through observation

University Kolej Poly Tech Mara (KPTM)
Subject MGT2023: Organizational Behavior

Psychologist Albert Bandura is the researcher most often associated with learning through observation. He and others have demonstrated that we are naturally inclined to engage in observational learning.

Studies suggest that imitation with social understanding tends to begin around 2 years old but will vary depending on the specific child. In the past, research has claimed that newborns are capable of imitation, but this likely isn’t true, as newborns often react to stimuli in a way that may seem like an imitation but is not.

If you’ve ever made faces at a toddler and watched them try to mimic your movements, then you may have witnessed how observational learning can be such an influential force.

It might be different when dealing with biases, where 2 workers will deal with the situation but have different approaches. For example, gender biases or name biases.

For example, a team is deciding between two proposals. One person thinks proposal A is better, but the rest of the team is leaning towards proposal B. That person is swayed by their opinions and ends up voting for proposal B because everyone else did.

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