MGT555: Business Analytics Assignment, UiTM, Malaysia The advantages, problems, and challenges faced by organizations that implemented business analytics/data analytics

University Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Subject MGT555: Business Analytics
  1. The advantages, problems, and challenges faced by organizations that implemented business analytics/data analytics in their organizations.
  2. Discuss any 2 (two) popular software tools organizations use for business analytics/data analytics.
  3. Based on the Employees Salaries dataset and by using the Descriptive Statistics Tools in Excel,
    • Create a descriptive summary statistic for the employee salary variable.
    • Interpret all measures of central tendency, a measure of dispersion and extent of shape, and other statistics results in the summary table.
    • Calculate the z-scores for all observations.
    • Calculate if there are any outliers in the employee salary variable.

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