SBFS1103: Thinking Skills and Problem Solving Assignment, OUM, Malaysia A team of five persons is responsible for negotiating the prices of cables that suppliers provide to your company

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)


A team of five persons is responsible for negotiating the prices of cables that suppliers provide to your company.

Most of the time the team fails to meet the contractual tender deadlines because they fail to reach an agreement with the suppliers. Each tender the team is late results in the lost income of the company.

Based on the above case, apply your critical thinking skills and problem-solving by writing an essay on identifying the root cause and offering suggestions for improvement. Your essay should include the following components:
1. Introduction
2. Identify the issue(s)/problem(s) of the case
3. Analyse and propose a solution
4. Conclusion
5. References

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You are required to write a report about your own personal problem and propose a solution to the problem. Think of any problem or issue at work or in your own personal life that you are encountering now. You need a strategic solution for your problem.
Your report should be based on the following components:

  1. Introduction: The objective of the report
  2. Content:
    i. Description of the issue/problem;
    ii. Application of ONE (1) problem-solving tool or decision-making strategy to solve or decide on the issue/problem;
    iii. Elaboration on the solution or decision of the issue/problem.
  3. Conclusion – Summary of the report and self-reflection about the process of doing the assignment.


This part requires students to participate actively in the MyINSPIRE forum. Discuss the following topics in the forum and submit proof of your participation with your tutor and peers in the forum online discussions:

  1. Do you agree or disagree with the statement, ‘Good thinkers are born rather than made? Justify your argument.
  2. Compare and contrast the characteristics of a good and a poor thinker in both the phases involved in the thinking process.
  3. Elaborate on any five of the barriers to critical thinking.
  4. In your opinion, does our current education system place higher importance on the right or left brain? Suggest ways and steps that can be taken to improve this situation.

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