Contract law Essay, UOL, Malaysia The Littledale Golf Club and At 9 am on 1st May the club places a large poster at the entrance

University University of London (UOL)
Subject Contract law

Eric, Fatima, Greg, Harjit, and Imaan are members of the Littledale GolfN Club. At 9 am on 1st May the club places a large poster at the entrance which says:

Any club member who hits a “hole in one” will be given £1,000. Funds have been deposited at the Club’s Bank to show our sincerity.’

The following events happened:
(a) On 1st April Eric hits a “hole in one”.
(b) On 1st May Fatima enters and leaves the clubhouse by the back door and does not see the poster. She hits a “hole in one” that day and is even more pleased when she later learns about the £1,000 prize.
(c) On 1st May Greg sees the notice. He tells the club official who had just put it up that “this is a silly offer to make because everyone plays golf for fun and exercise, not to win a prize”. However, later that day when Greg hits a “hole in one” he decides he would like to claim the reward.
(d) On 1st June Devi plays golf as Harjit’s guest. Devi hits a “hole in one”.
(e) On 1st July Imaan sees the poster as he goes out to play. He hits a “hole in one” on the last hole of his golf round. He excitedly runs back into the clubhouse and sees a new poster put up after he went out to play withdrawing the offer. Advise Littledale Golf Club as to their liabilities in the above situations. Would your answer to (e) differ if the original poster had offered a prize of £100,000? WARNING. The format of this question paper was changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and applies to the 2019-20 examinations only. Page 3 of 5

2. Heather owns two houseboats on the River Thames and rents them to people looking for a more peaceful form of city living. There has been a long period of stormy weather which has made riverside living far less
attractive and both boats have been without tenants for several months. She is finally contacted by Rowena, a wealthy executive, who agrees to rent one of the boats from her. The rental period is for one year and the
rent is £1,000 per month. A week after moving into the boat, Rowena loses her job and is unable to pay her rent. Heather tells Rowena that she need only pay half the rent for the next three months to give her time to find another job. Rowena agrees. One month later, without telling Heather, Rowena goes to live with her parents and sublets the houseboat to a friend for £2,000. Heather is furious when she learns of this arrangement and demands that Rowena repays the arrears and return to the full monthly rental price again. Meanwhile, Heather has decided to rent her second houseboat to her cousin, Violet. Heather has mentioned to Violet that she needs to
arrange for the houseboat to be decorated. Violet goes ahead and decorates the houseboat herself. Heather is delighted and promises to deduct £500 from her next month’s rent. She later changes her mind.
Advise Heather.

3. David is short of money and so decides to sell some of his antique furniture. He invites Rachel, an antique dealer, to his castle to look at a desk. He tells Rachel that the desk was made in the 1600s. Rachel explains that antique furniture is less valuable if it has been repaired and David assures her that the desk has not been repaired. Rachel agrees to buy the desk for £20,000 and says she will collect it the next day. Later that evening David is looking for a stamp to post a letter to his brother William to tell him that he has decided to sell the furniture. He thought the stamp might have fallen behind the desk and so pulls it away from the wall. When he does so, for the first time he sees a very crude repair on the back of the desk. The next day Rachel collects and pays for the desk as arranged. Rachel is unable to resell the desk as she had planned and still has it in her shop six months later when she discovers the repair to the desk. A repaired desk is only worth £2,000. Advise Rachel as to any action for misrepresentation she may pursue against David. WARNING.

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