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BIO103 Biology UITM Assignment Answer Malaysia

BIO103 Biology is a course offered at UITM in Malaysia. It focuses on the study of plants, their interactions with the environment, and the fundamental principles of botany. The course covers various topics such as cytology, plant physiology and anatomy, photosynthesis, ecosystem diversity, ecology, kingdom classification, and cell division. Students will gain an understanding of the structure and function of plants, as well as their role in the natural world.

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Assignment Task 1 :Describe the basic characteristics and processes in botany, cell division, photosynthesis, ecology and classification.

Botany is the scientific study of plants. It encompasses various aspects of plant life, including their structure, growth, reproduction, metabolism, and interactions with the environment. Here are brief explanations of some key concepts in botany:

  • Cell division: Cell division is the process by which a parent cell divides into two or more daughter cells. In plants, cell division occurs in specialized structures called meristems, which are responsible for growth and development. The two main types of cell division in plants are mitosis and meiosis.
  • Photosynthesis: Photosynthesis is the process by which plants, algae, and some bacteria convert light energy into chemical energy. It involves capturing sunlight, utilizing water and carbon dioxide, and producing glucose and oxygen as byproducts. Photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplasts, which contain the pigment chlorophyll.
  • Ecology: Ecology is the study of the interactions between organisms and their environment. It explores the relationships between plants, animals, microorganisms, and their surroundings. Ecological studies investigate topics such as population dynamics, nutrient cycling, energy flow, and community structure.
  • Classification: Classification in botany involves organizing plants into various groups based on their shared characteristics. This system of classification helps in understanding the relationships between different plant species. The hierarchical classification system includes divisions, classes, orders, families, genera, and species.

Assignment Task 2 : Identify the differences between plant processes and applications of fungi and plants.

Plants and fungi are two distinct groups of organisms, each with unique characteristics and applications. Here are some differences between their processes and applications:

  • Nutrition: Plants are autotrophic organisms that can produce their own food through photosynthesis. They utilize sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to synthesize glucose. Fungi, on the other hand, are heterotrophic organisms that obtain nutrients by breaking down organic matter in their environment. They absorb nutrients through their mycelium and play a vital role in decomposition.
  • Cell walls: Plant cells have a rigid cell wall composed primarily of cellulose, which provides structural support. Fungal cells also have a cell wall, but it is made up of chitin, a complex carbohydrate. The presence of chitin gives fungi their characteristic toughness.
  • Reproduction: Plants reproduce through a combination of sexual and asexual methods. They produce seeds, flowers, or spores for dispersal and propagation. Fungi, on the other hand, predominantly reproduce through spores. Fungal spores are lightweight and easily dispersed by air or water.
  • Applications: Plants have numerous practical applications, including food production, medicine, timber, and ornamental uses. They are also essential for maintaining the balance of ecosystems and producing oxygen through photosynthesis. Fungi, on the other hand, have applications in various industries. They are used in food production (e.g., yeast in baking), medicine (e.g., antibiotics), and biotechnology (e.g., production of enzymes and biofuels). Fungi also play a crucial role in nutrient recycling and symbiotic relationships with plants.

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Assignment Task 3 : Demonstrate the basic skills of handling laboratory apparatus and conducting experiments scientifically.

Handling laboratory apparatus and conducting experiments scientifically requires careful attention to detail and adherence to established protocols. Here are some basic skills involved in laboratory work:

  • Safety precautions: Before starting any experiment, familiarize yourself with the safety guidelines and equipment in the laboratory. Wear appropriate protective gear, such as gloves, goggles, and lab coats. Ensure the workspace is clean and free from hazards.
  • Equipment handling: Learn how to handle and use laboratory equipment properly. This includes understanding the functions of various instruments, such as microscopes, pipettes, balances, and Bunsen burners. Follow instructions for calibrating, cleaning, and storing equipment.
  • Experimental design: Plan your experiment carefully, defining the objective, variables, and controls. Consider the appropriate sample size, experimental conditions, and data collection methods. Develop a step-by-step procedure to follow during the experiment.
  • Data collection and analysis: Collect accurate and reliable data during the experiment, recording observations and measurements precisely. Use appropriate data analysis techniques, such as statistical analysis or graphing, to interpret and present the results.
  • Documentation: Keep detailed records of your experiment, including experimental setup, procedures, observations, and results. Maintain a laboratory notebook or electronic record to document your work. Proper documentation is essential for reproducibility and scientific communication.
  • Communication: Summarize and communicate your experiment and findings effectively. Write a clear and concise report or presentation, including background information, methodology, results, and conclusions. Use appropriate scientific terminology and references to support your work.

Remember to always follow ethical guidelines and seek guidance from instructors or experts when conducting experiments in the laboratory.

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