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BIO301 Techniques And Skills In Biology UITM Assignment Answer Malaysia

The course BIO301 Techniques and Skills in Biology at UITM in Malaysia focuses on laboratory techniques and methods commonly used in biological studies. It covers the application of technology and instruments, as well as theoretical aspects. The Techniques and Skills  course includes topics such as fieldwork investigation techniques, microbiology techniques, histological methods, biochemical analysis and instrumentation, and DNA technology.

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Assignment Brief 1 : Apply the concepts and theories in biological techniques and skills

In this assignment, you are required to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and theories related to biological techniques and skills. You should apply these concepts and theories to solve specific biological problems or challenges. This may involve tasks such as designing experiments, conducting data analysis, and interpreting results using appropriate biological techniques and skills. Your goal is to showcase your ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations in the field of biology.

Assignment Brief 2 : Perform (plan, conduct and analyse) scientific investigations using different biological techniques and skills

For this assignment, you will plan, conduct, and analyze a scientific investigation using various biological techniques and skills. You should identify a research question or problem in the field of biology and develop a detailed plan to address it. This plan should include the selection and implementation of appropriate biological techniques, experimental design, data collection, and analysis methods. After conducting the investigation, you will need to analyze the results and draw meaningful conclusions based on your findings. Remember to document your experimental procedures and provide a clear rationale for your chosen techniques and skills.

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Assignment Brief 3 : Work on new ideas to solve scientific problems with relevant reference

In this assignment, you will explore new ideas and approaches to solve scientific problems in the field of biology. You are expected to identify a specific scientific problem or challenge and propose innovative solutions supported by relevant references. Your ideas should be grounded in current scientific literature and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the topic. You should critically evaluate existing methods and propose novel strategies or techniques to overcome the identified problems. The use of relevant references is essential to support your arguments and provide credibility to your proposed solutions.

Assignment Brief 4 : Demonstrate innovative vision in solving scientific problems

For this assignment, you are required to demonstrate an innovative vision in solving scientific problems within the field of biology. You should identify a complex scientific problem or challenge and present a creative and forward-thinking solution. Your solution should go beyond conventional methods and showcase your ability to think outside the box. You should provide a detailed explanation of your innovative approach, highlighting its potential advantages and anticipated outcomes. Additionally, you should discuss the feasibility and potential impact of your solution in the context of existing scientific knowledge and current advancements in the field.

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