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BIO661 Animal Behaviour UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia 

The Animal Behaviour course at UITM provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental aspects of animal behavior. The course covers a range of topics including the historical context of animal behavior, the influence of behavioral genetics, mechanisms of evolution shaping behavior, behavior related to food and shelter, social behavior, and mating systems. Students will gain valuable insights into the complexities of animal behavior and the various factors that contribute to the diversity of behaviors observed in the animal kingdom. The BIO661  course offers a broad perspective, enabling students to understand the intricacies of animal behavior from both a scientific and ecological standpoint.

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Assignment Brief 1 : Explain animal behaviour with respect to genetics, evolution, physiological mechanisms, social organisation, mating systems, food and shelter, basic behavioural mathematical models and welfare

Animal behavior is a fascinating field of study that can be explained through various factors. In this assignment, we will explore the key aspects of animal behavior with respect to genetics, evolution, physiological mechanisms, social organization, mating systems, food and shelter, basic behavioral mathematical models, and welfare.

  • Genetics and Evolution: Animal behavior is influenced by genetic factors that have evolved over time. Genes play a crucial role in determining various behavioral traits and tendencies in animals. Certain behaviors may confer survival advantages and, as a result, are passed down through generations via natural selection. The interplay between genes and the environment shapes animal behavior, leading to adaptations that enhance their chances of survival and reproduction.
  • Physiological Mechanisms: The study of animal behavior involves understanding the underlying physiological mechanisms that govern behavior. Neurobiology and hormonal systems play significant roles in regulating behaviors such as feeding, mating, and social interactions. Hormones like oxytocin and serotonin, for example, influence bonding and aggression in animals.
  • Social Organization: Many animal species exhibit intricate social structures. From solitary animals to complex social groups, the organization within a species can greatly impact their behavior. Social hierarchies, communication methods, and cooperation are essential aspects of animal behavior within their social context.
  • Mating Systems: Mating behaviors are diverse and species-specific. Understanding mating systems involves studying courtship rituals, mate selection strategies, and mating-related competition or cooperation. These behaviors are often intricately linked to reproductive success and the passing on of genes.
  • Food and Shelter: Foraging and hunting behaviors are essential for an animal’s survival. Animals have developed various strategies to obtain food, which can range from solitary hunting to cooperative group hunting. Additionally, animals exhibit specific behaviors related to building shelters or nests to protect themselves and their offspring.
  • Basic Behavioral Mathematical Models: Mathematical models are used to describe and predict certain aspects of animal behavior. These models might include concepts such as optimal foraging theory, game theory to understand strategic behaviors, or population dynamics in the context of predator-prey relationships.
  • Welfare: The welfare of animals is a critical consideration in studying their behavior. It involves assessing whether animals are experiencing positive or negative emotions, whether their basic needs are being met, and if they are able to exhibit natural behaviors in captivity. Ethical concerns related to animal welfare have led to increased focus on understanding and improving the living conditions of animals in various settings.

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Assignment Brief 2 : Demonstrate critical understanding and social responsibility towards animals with regards to their behaviour and welfare

In this assignment, you are expected to demonstrate critical thinking and a sense of social responsibility towards animals, particularly concerning their behavior and welfare. Your task is to analyze and evaluate current practices and attitudes towards animals, both in the wild and in captivity. Consider the following points:

  • Evaluate human impact: Examine the ways in which human activities, such as habitat destruction, pollution, and climate change, affect animal behavior and welfare. Discuss the implications of these impacts on various species.
  • Critique animal captivity: Assess the ethical considerations and consequences of keeping animals in captivity for entertainment, research, or conservation purposes. Consider whether these captive environments allow for the expression of natural behaviors and the well-being of the animals involved.
  • Address animal welfare issues: Identify specific welfare issues faced by animals in different settings, including farms, laboratories, zoos, and the wild. Propose measures to improve their welfare and discuss the challenges in implementing these changes.
  • Advocate for social responsibility: Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of social responsibility towards animals. Discuss how individuals, organizations, and governments can contribute to promoting positive changes in animal behavior research, conservation efforts, and welfare practices.

Assignment Brief 3 : Interpret mainstream scientific literature and field studies related to animal behaviour in the form of assignment

For this assignment, you are required to interpret and analyze mainstream scientific literature and field studies related to animal behavior. Choose a specific topic or question within the field of animal behavior and explore recent research articles, publications, or field studies on the subject.

  • Literature Review: Summarize and critically evaluate the key findings from a selection of scientific papers. Compare and contrast different studies, noting any consensus or discrepancies in the results.
  • Methodological Approach: Assess the methodologies used in the studies you’ve reviewed. Consider the strengths and limitations of the methods employed and how they might impact the validity of the findings.
  • Contribution to Knowledge: Discuss how the research adds to our understanding of animal behavior in the broader context. Highlight any novel discoveries or advancements in the field.
  • Ethical Considerations: Analyze the ethical implications of the studies, particularly regarding animal welfare and conservation. Discuss whether the research aligns with principles of ethical treatment of animals.
  • Practical Applications: Consider the potential practical applications of the research findings. How might the knowledge gained from these studies be used in real-world scenarios, such as conservation efforts or animal welfare improvements?

Remember to cite and reference the scientific literature accurately using a recognized citation style. Provide a coherent and well-structured analysis of the literature, showcasing your ability to understand and critically interpret scientific research in the field of animal behavior.

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