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BQS401 Measurement Of Construction Works I UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

The “BQS401 Measurement Of Construction Works I” course at UITM in Malaysia offers an introductory exploration of the quantity surveying profession, tracing its evolution, diverse manifestations, and the significance of bills of quantities. The curriculum delves into both the theory and practical aspects of measuring and describing construction activities, with a focus on the Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works (SMM) and its application in areas such as site clearance and basic substructure works.

Additionally, students will gain insights into crafting specification clauses grounded in the measurement of construction tasks. This course equips learners with fundamental knowledge in construction measurement, setting the foundation for a career in quantity surveying.

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Assignment Task 1: Demonstrate ability to measure quantities based on principles of measurement for selected building elements with good basic theories and practices of quantity surveying.

Assignment Task 1 requires you to showcase your ability to measure quantities for specific building elements using the fundamental principles of measurement, while also demonstrating a solid understanding of the basic theories and practices of quantity surveying. Let’s break down what this task means:

  • Measuring Quantities: In the context of construction and quantity surveying, measuring quantities means determining the amount or size of various materials, components, and resources required for a construction project. This involves assessing quantities of items like bricks, concrete, steel, pipes, and other building materials.
  • Principles of Measurement: To complete this task, you need to apply established principles and rules for measuring quantities accurately. These principles ensure consistency and uniformity in measurement processes and are essential for cost estimation and project planning.
  • Selected Building Elements: You’ll be focusing on specific elements or components within a building. This could include walls, floors, roofs, foundations, windows, doors, or any other part of a structure that is integral to the construction project. You will need to measure the quantities related to these chosen elements.
  • Basic Theories: You are expected to have a good grasp of the fundamental theories related to quantity surveying. This might include understanding the principles of estimating, cost control, and other key aspects of managing the financial aspects of construction projects.
  • Practices of Quantity Surveying: This involves practical knowledge and methods used in the field of quantity surveying. This includes how to collect data, conduct accurate measurements, and apply cost estimation techniques in real-world construction projects.

So, in summary, this assignment task is about demonstrating your ability to accurately measure and quantify materials and resources needed for specific building elements, all while applying the established principles and theories of quantity surveying. This is a crucial skill in the construction industry, as it helps in project budgeting, cost control, and overall project management.

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Assignment Task 2: Measure quantities based on principles of measurement for selected building elements.

Assignment Task 2 involves measuring quantities for specific building elements by applying the principles of measurement. In simpler terms, here’s what you need to do:

  • Identify Building Elements: First, you’ll need to select and specify the particular building elements you want to measure. These could be things like walls, windows, doors, roofing materials, or any other components within a building.
  • Measurement Principles: Utilize recognized principles of measurement that are widely accepted in the field of construction and quantity surveying. These principles are essential to ensure consistency and accuracy in your measurements.
  • Quantify Materials: You’ll then proceed to quantify the materials and resources required for the selected building elements. This entails determining the quantities of items needed, such as the number of bricks, volume of concrete, or length of pipes, depending on the specific element.
  • Accurate Measurement: It’s crucial to perform your measurements with precision and attention to detail. Accurate measurements are essential for project planning, cost estimation, and ensuring that the right amount of materials is procured for the construction process.

Overall, Assignment Task 2 is about applying the principles of measurement to quantify the materials and resources required for specific building elements. This task demonstrates your ability to translate theoretical knowledge into practical skills, which is vital in the field of quantity surveying and construction management.

Assignment Task 3: Practice curation of information in preparing draft bills and specifications for measured items of selected building elements

Assignment Task 3 involves the practice of curating information to create draft bills and specifications for the measured items related to specific building elements. Let’s break down this task:

  • Curating Information: This part of the assignment requires you to gather and organize relevant information. This information could include details about the building materials, construction methods, and any other data necessary to create bills and specifications.
  • Preparing Draft Bills: A bill of quantities is a comprehensive document that itemizes and quantifies all the materials, labor, and equipment required for a construction project. In this task, you’ll be creating a preliminary version or draft of such a bill. This document is crucial for estimating costs, procurement, and project management.
  • Preparing Specifications: Specifications in construction refer to detailed descriptions of the quality and standards that materials and workmanship must meet. You’ll be drafting specifications that outline the specific requirements for each measured item related to the selected building elements. These specifications ensure that all work is carried out to the desired standards.
  • Measured Items: You’ll be working with the quantities and measurements you obtained in Task 2, applying them to create the bills and specifications for the building elements you’ve selected.
  • Drafting: Keep in mind that these documents are preliminary drafts, and they may need to be refined and finalized as the construction project progresses. The initial drafts should, however, be clear and accurate to provide a solid foundation for project planning and execution.

In summary, Assignment Task 3 involves gathering and organizing information, creating draft bills of quantities, and drafting specifications for the materials and work required for specific building elements. This task is essential in the construction industry to ensure that projects are well-documented, budgeted, and executed according to established standards and requirements.

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