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BQS451 Measurement Of Construction Works II UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

The “BQS451 Measurement of Construction Works II” course at UITM, Malaysia, provides comprehensive knowledge of theory and practical skills for measuring various construction elements, including timber pitched roofs, doors, windows, wall construction, floor, wall, and ceiling finishes, plumbing, and sanitary installations. It also covers builder’s work in connection (BWIC) using the Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works (SMM). Students will learn to create schedules, draft bills of measured items, and prepare specification clauses for materials and workmanship in these construction projects. This course equips students with essential skills for effective construction measurement and documentation.

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Assignment Task 1:Demonstrate ability to measure quantities based on principles of measurement for selected building elements with good basic theories and practices of quantity surveying.

Assignment Task 1 requires you to showcase your capability to measure quantities for specific components or elements within a construction project using the fundamental principles of measurement. This task encompasses the fundamental theories and practices of quantity surveying, which is a critical aspect of the construction industry. Let me break down the key components of this assignment task:

  • Measuring Quantities: You are expected to determine the quantities of materials, resources, or items required for certain building elements. This could include, for example, calculating the amount of concrete, steel, bricks, or other construction materials needed for specific parts of a building.
  • Principles of Measurement: Your measurements should be based on established principles and standards commonly used in the field of quantity surveying. This means you should follow recognized guidelines and methods for taking measurements, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  • Selected Building Elements: The assignment will specify which building elements or components you need to measure. These could be walls, foundations, roofs, floors, or any other part of a building. You should focus on these specific elements in your measurement work.
  • Basic Theories and Practices: You should apply basic theories and practices relevant to quantity surveying. This may involve understanding how to use measurement tools, interpreting architectural or engineering drawings, and making accurate calculations based on the specifications of the project.

In summary, this assignment task requires you to accurately measure quantities for specific building elements, following established principles and practices in quantity surveying. You’ll need to demonstrate your understanding of these principles and apply them effectively to complete the task. It’s a fundamental skill in the construction industry, as accurate measurements are crucial for project planning, cost estimation, and resource management.

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Assignment Task 2: Measure quantities based on principles of measurement for selected building elements.

Assignment Task 2 instructs you to measure quantities for chosen building elements by adhering to the principles of measurement. Here’s a concise explanation of this task:

  • Measuring Quantities: Your objective is to determine the amounts or quantities of materials, items, or resources required for specific building elements within a construction project. This involves calculating how much of a particular material or resource is needed for each selected element.
  • Principles of Measurement: The measurements you make should be consistent with established principles and standards used in the field of quantity surveying or construction measurement. You should ensure that your measurements are accurate and compliant with recognized guidelines.
  • Selected Building Elements: The assignment should specify which building elements you are expected to measure. These elements might include walls, roofs, floors, foundations, or any other components of a building. Your focus should be solely on these specified elements.

In essence, Assignment Task 2 requires you to accurately measure and quantify the materials or resources needed for specific building elements while adhering to the recognized principles of measurement. This task is fundamental in construction and is vital for project planning, budgeting, and resource allocation.

Assignment Task 3: Practice curation of information in preparing specifications for measured items of selected building elements.

Assignment Task 3 involves the practice of collecting and organizing information to create detailed specifications for the measured items of selected building elements. Here’s a breakdown of this task:

  • Practice Curation of Information: You are expected to gain experience and skill in the process of curating or collecting information. In this context, it means gathering relevant data and details related to the building elements and their required materials.
  • Preparing Specifications: Your primary goal is to create specifications. Specifications in the construction context outline the precise requirements for materials, workmanship, and quality standards for each element of a building. This information is critical for contractors and builders to understand what is expected in terms of materials, methods, and quality.
  • Measured Items: These specifications should be based on the measurements you took in previous tasks. Measured items are the quantities of materials or resources you calculated for specific building elements. Your specifications should provide clear guidance on how these measured items should be used in the construction project.

In summary, Assignment Task 3 involves honing your ability to gather and organize information, and then use that information to create detailed specifications for the materials and resources needed for selected building elements. This is a crucial step in ensuring that the construction project is executed according to the desired quality and standards.

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