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CHE485 Chemistry Laboratory UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

CHE485 Chemistry Laboratory at UITM Malaysia is a practical course that complements theoretical learning in physical, inorganic, and organic chemistry. It focuses on open-ended laboratory investigations, emphasizing effective communication, delegation, and time-management skills to achieve experimental objectives.

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Assignment Activity 1 : Organise experiments which a complementary to the theoretical work covered in the physical, inorganic and organic chemistry course.

To complement the theoretical work covered in the physical, inorganic, and organic chemistry course, the following experiments can be organized:

  1. Physical Chemistry Experiment: 

Topic: Gas Laws and Thermodynamics Experiment:

 Investigate the relationship between temperature, pressure, and volume of a gas using Boyle’s Law, Charles’s Law, and the Ideal Gas Law. This experiment will involve measuring the pressure and volume of a gas at different temperatures to verify the gas laws and explore thermodynamic principles.

  1. Inorganic Chemistry Experiment: 

Topic: Qualitative Analysis of Metal Ions Experiment:

Perform a series of chemical tests to identify the presence of various metal ions in a given solution. Students will use different reagents and observe color changes, precipitate formation, and other characteristic reactions to determine the cations present in the sample.

3.Organic Chemistry Experiment:

 Topic: Synthesis of Aspirin Experiment:

Synthesize aspirin using salicylic acid and acetic anhydride. Purify the product and analyze its purity using thin-layer chromatography. This experiment will introduce students to the concept of esterification, purification techniques, and the characterization of organic compounds.

Assignment Activity 2 : Analyse well-structured experimental methodologies for open ended methodology for open ended investigation, the procedures and theories incorporated in the laboratory work to present industrial engineering problems.

To analyze well-structured experimental methodologies for open-ended investigation in industrial engineering problems, consider the following approach:

Topic: Optimization of Manufacturing Process Methodology: 

Design a factorial experiment to study the effects of multiple factors (e.g., temperature, pressure, material composition) on a specific manufacturing process. Use statistical analysis to identify significant variables and optimize the process for maximum efficiency and quality.

Topic: Ergonomics in Workplace Design Methodology:

Conduct a field study in various workplaces to assess ergonomic factors such as posture, workstation layout, and repetitive motion risks. Use surveys, interviews, and physical measurements to gather data and propose improvements in workplace design to enhance employee safety and productivity.

Topic: Supply Chain Efficiency Methodology: 

Set up a simulation model to analyze the supply chain of a company. Evaluate the impact of different variables like transportation routes, inventory levels, and demand fluctuations on overall efficiency. Propose strategies for minimizing costs and lead times while maintaining a robust supply chain.

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Assignment Activity 3 : Display team work and responsibility with other members on the experimental design and methods adopted, findings and conclusion for the experiments.

To demonstrate teamwork and responsibility in experimental design and execution, follow these steps:

  • Select a challenging chemistry experiment requiring collaboration and diverse skills.
  • Divide roles among team members, assigning specific responsibilities for each part of the experiment.
  • Regularly communicate and hold meetings to discuss progress, challenges, and adjustments to the experimental plan.
  • Document all experimental procedures, observations, and data accurately and comprehensively.
  • Help and support team members in overcoming difficulties during the experiment.
  • Encourage an open and respectful atmosphere for idea sharing and constructive feedback.
  • Collaborate on the analysis of data and collectively draw conclusions from the results obtained.
  • Ensure that all team members contribute equally and value each other’s contributions.

Assignment Activity 4 : Display leadership skills effectively and positive attitude in conducting experimental work and group discussion.

To display leadership skills and a positive attitude during experimental work and group discussions, consider the following:

  • Lead by Example: Take initiative in organizing the team, setting clear goals, and outlining the experimental plan.
  • Motivate and Encourage: Inspire team members to stay engaged and enthusiastic about the experiment’s objectives and outcomes.
  • Foster Collaboration: Encourage open discussions and active participation from all team members, making sure everyone’s opinions are heard and respected.
  • Problem Solving: Approach challenges with a positive mindset, proposing creative solutions, and encouraging the team to work together to overcome obstacles.
  • Time Management: Set realistic timelines for completing tasks, ensuring the team stays on track and meets deadlines effectively.
  • Communication: Promote effective communication within the team, fostering a supportive and cooperative environment.
  • Acknowledge Contributions: Recognize and appreciate the efforts and achievements of team members throughout the experimental process.
  • Emphasize Learning: Encourage a growth mindset, highlighting the value of learning from both successes and failures during the experiment.

Remember, effective leadership is about empowering others, fostering collaboration, and maintaining a positive attitude to achieve shared goals.

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