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CHM083 Chemistry For Pre Science UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

CHM083 Chemistry for Pre-Science is an interactive course that introduces students to key concepts in chemistry. Topics covered include the structure of an atom, mole concept, chemical formulae and equations, aqueous solutions, periodic table, chemical bonding, electrochemistry, and introductory organic chemistry.

Throughout the course, students will engage in cognitive and scientific activities. We will explain concepts and theories, make predictions, and conduct laboratory investigations. Peer and facilitator discussions will enhance their understanding. Lecture sessions will combine traditional lectures with active learning, encouraging self and peer discussions.

Assessment methods include traditional exams, scientific investigations, and assignment presentations. By the end of the course, students will have a solid grasp of fundamental chemistry principles and their practical applications.

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Assignment Task 1 : Explain the concepts and theories in basic chemistry.

Chemistry is the scientific study of matter, its properties, composition, structure, and the changes it undergoes during chemical reactions. Several fundamental concepts and theories form the basis of chemistry:

  • Atoms and Elements: An atom is the basic unit of matter, composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Elements are substances made up of a single type of atom. The periodic table organizes elements based on their atomic number and chemical properties.
  • Compounds and Molecules: Compounds are substances composed of two or more elements chemically bonded together. Molecules are the smallest units of compounds held together by covalent bonds.
  • Chemical Reactions: Chemical reactions involve the rearrangement of atoms and bonds to form new substances. Reactants undergo changes to produce products, and the law of conservation of mass states that mass is neither created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction.
  • Stoichiometry: Stoichiometry is the study of quantitative relationships between reactants and products in a chemical reaction. It helps determine the amounts of substances involved in a reaction.
  • States of Matter: Matter exists in three main states – solid, liquid, and gas – based on the arrangement and motion of particles. Changes between states involve energy transfer as heat.
  • Atomic Structure: This theory describes the arrangement of electrons in atoms and their energy levels. Electrons occupy specific shells and subshells around the nucleus.
  • Chemical Bonding: The force that holds atoms together in molecules and compounds. Types of bonding include ionic (transfer of electrons), covalent (sharing of electrons), and metallic bonding.
  • Acids and Bases: Acids are substances that release hydrogen ions (H+) in solution, while bases release hydroxide ions (OH-). The pH scale measures the acidity or basicity of a solution.

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Assignment Task 2 : Display practical skills and techniques for scientific investigation related to concepts and theories in basic chemistry.

To demonstrate practical skills and techniques in basic chemistry, one could perform various experiments and investigations:

  1. Titration: A technique used to determine the concentration of an unknown solution by reacting it with a solution of known concentration (standard solution).
  2. Distillation: Separation of components in a liquid mixture based on their different boiling points.
  3. Filtration: Separating solid particles from a liquid by passing the mixture through a filter medium.
  4. Spectroscopy: Identifying and analyzing substances based on their interaction with electromagnetic radiation.
  5. Flame Tests: Identifying metal ions in a compound by observing the characteristic color of flames produced during heating.
  6. Solubility Tests: Determining the solubility of a substance in different solvents.
  7. Calorimetry: Measuring the heat released or absorbed during a chemical reaction.

Assignment Task 3 : Demonstrate effective verbal communication on the concepts and theories in basic chemistry.

Hey there! Today, we’re going to dive into some cool stuff about basic chemistry. Don’t worry; we’ll keep it simple and interesting!

Let’s start with atoms – the tiny building blocks of everything around us. Picture them like the Lego pieces of the universe. They’re made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons, all packed together in a nucleus with electrons buzzing around.

Next up, we have elements. They’re like the different flavors of atoms. Each element has its unique identity, and they’re neatly organized in the periodic table, just like a big family tree.

Now, let’s talk about chemical reactions. Imagine it’s like a dance party for atoms! During these reactions, atoms swap partners and rearrange themselves, creating new substances. And guess what? The total number of atoms before and after the dance remains the same. It’s like magic!

When elements combine in a special way, they form compounds. Compounds are like the best buddies of atoms, and they stick together to make cool new substances. These buddies are called molecules, and they’re like the tiniest superhero teams!

Moving on to states of matter – solids, liquids, and gases. Think of them like the different forms substances can take. Solids are like a well-organized team, with atoms tightly packed together. Liquids are more relaxed, with atoms flowing around freely. Gases are like a wild party, with atoms bouncing and spreading out all over the place!

Let’s talk about atomic structure – how electrons chill around the nucleus. It’s like a dance floor with different levels, and the electrons have their favorite spots to groove.

And oh, the magical world of chemical bonding! It’s like atoms holding hands to become even stronger together. They share electrons, give away electrons, or just enjoy the company. It’s a chemistry love story!

Last but not least, acids and bases. We are like the VIPs at the chemical party. Acids are like lemon juice, super sour and releasing hydrogen ions. Bases, on the other hand, are like baking soda, releasing hydroxide ions. And the pH scale? It’s like the bouncer at the party, checking how acidic or basic things are.

So, there you have it – a fun-filled tour of basic chemistry concepts! I hope you enjoyed it and got a glimpse of the amazing world that makes up everything we see and touch. If you have any questions, just shout them out! Happy learning!

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