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CSC408 Management Information System Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

CSC408 Management Information System is a course that provides students with an understanding of the role information systems play in contemporary organizations and the management of information resources. The course covers topics such as systems analysis, design, development, implementation, and management.

Students will learn how to identify business needs and requirements for information systems, assess the feasibility of proposed solutions, and design and develop functional systems that meet those needs. In addition, they will learn how to manage system implementations, optimize system performance, and maintain system security. Upon completing this course, students should be able to select and utilize appropriate information systems for their business or organizational needs.

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In this section, we’ll go through some of the tasks. They are as follows:

Assignment Task 1: Describe The Fundamental Concepts And Theories Of Management Information Systems In The Organization.

In the organization, management information systems (MIS) are designed to support decision-making by providing managers with timely, relevant information. The goal of MIS is to improve organizational performance by facilitating the flow of information from operational systems to decision-makers and vice versa.

Three fundamental concepts underlie MIS: input, output, and transformation. Input refers to the data that are entered into the system; output refers to the data that are produced as a result of processing these data, and transformation refers to the changes that take place in the data as they move through the system.

In addition, three key theories help to explain how MIS works: the input-output theory, the transaction processing theory, and the resource-based theory.

  • The input-output theory posits that there is a relationship between the inputs and outputs of a system. This theory helps to explain how data are transformed as they move through the system.
  • The transaction processing theory posits that MIS is concerned with the processing of transactions. Transactions are defined as any activity that results in the exchange of information between two or more parties.
  • The resource-based theory posits that MIS is concerned with the management of resources. Resources are defined as any factors that can be used to produce goods or services.

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Assignment Task 2: Display The Ability To Analyze Business Problems, Develop Systems Solutions, And Manage Business Systems In The Digital Firm.

Today’s business environment is more complex and volatile than ever before. To be successful, business leaders need to be able to not only analyze business problems but also develop systems solutions that will help their businesses run more efficiently and effectively in the digital age.

Successful businesses today are also managed using systems thinking. This is a holistic approach to management that views an organization as a collection of interconnected parts that work together to achieve common goals. Using systems thinking perspective, managers can develop strategies and plans that take into account all the various factors that impact their businesses.

Assignment Task 3: Explain How To Use IT To Facilitate Decision Making In Business Applications.

There are many ways that information technology (IT) can facilitate decision-making in business applications. One of the most common and important ways is by providing easy access to relevant information. For example, if managers need to make a decision about which supplier to use for a new product, they can easily access supplier performance data from IT systems. This data can help them choose the supplier that is likely to provide the best quality and value for the company.

In addition to providing easy access to relevant information, IT can also help businesses automate decision-making processes. For example, many businesses use automated rules or scoring models to make simple decisions, such as credit approvals or customer service interactions. These automated systems can improve accuracy and efficiency while freeing up managers’ time to focus on more complex decisions.

Finally, IT can also help businesses make better decisions by providing decision support tools. These tools, such as data visualization or predictive analytics, can help managers identify patterns and trends that they might not be able to see with the naked eye. This information can then be used to make more informed decisions about where to allocate resources or how to respond to changes in the market.

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