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BGN154 Building Construction II UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia 

In this course, BGN154 Building Construction II at UiTM in Malaysia, the primary objective is to impart fundamental knowledge and comprehension of building construction principles. The curriculum encompasses various aspects such as walls and partitions, arches and openings, doors, windows, staircases, and roof structures, with a significant focus on the…


BCT693 Forensic Engineering UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

This course, CT693B Forensic Engineering at UiTM in Malaysia, provides an introduction to the field of forensic engineering, focusing on the evaluation and resolution of construction failures in building engineering. Through this assignment, we aim to offer a sample solution to assist students in understanding the course requirements.  It's important…


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BCT663 Building Information Modelling UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The "BCT663 Building Information Modelling" course at UITM in Malaysia provides students with an introduction to the principles and procedures associated with the utilization of computer-based, information-rich 3D building models to enhance the design process. This course familiarizes students with Building Information Modeling (BIM) techniques using industry-standard software. Weekly lectures…


BCT643 Industrialized Building Maintenance UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

The BCT643 Industrialized Building Maintenance course at UITM in Malaysia aims to equip students with comprehensive knowledge of Industrialized Building System (IBS) maintenance and related activities. The course encompasses an overview of IBS building pathology, maintenance procedures, building failure analysis, repair techniques, relevant legislation, and conservation practices. Additionally, it introduces…


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BCT613 Advanced Construction Material UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

The BCT613 Advanced Construction Material course at UITM in Malaysia focuses on comprehending the behavior of concrete and various construction materials within tropical environments. It delves into durability and deterioration issues in existing structures. This BCT613 course also imparts fundamental knowledge of construction materials and processes employed in the construction…


BCT554 Manufacturing Technology UITM Assignment Answer, Malaysia

The BCT554 Manufacturing Technology course at UITM, Malaysia, aims to impart comprehensive knowledge and comprehension of manufacturing technology. It covers production planning and control, machining processes, manufacturing tools, and quality control. The course also introduces students to Industrialised Building System (IBS) components manufacturing, emphasizing IBS principles, manufacturing methods, and standards.…


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BQS562 Computer Aided Measurement And Estimating UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

The "BQS562 Computer Aided Measurement And Estimating" course at UITM, Malaysia, introduces students to the fundamentals of computer aided measurement and estimating. This BQS562 course emphasizes the practical application of various computer software tools for tasks such as Bill of Quantities (BOQ) production and estimating. Students will gain hands-on experience…


AAR551 Construction Technology III UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

The "AAR551 Construction Technology III" course at UiTM, Malaysia, explores the principles of reinforced concrete frame construction for small to medium-sized buildings. It covers various aspects, including sub-structure, roof, wall, stairs, and external works. The AAR551  course delves into the study of production, process, properties, characteristics, application, and performance of…


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AAR501 Construction Technology II UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

AAR501 Construction Technology II at UITM in Malaysia is a study of the principles, components, and assembly methods for various types of timber construction in small to medium-sized buildings, up to 2 stories in height. The course covers building elements from the ground to the roof and includes the examination…


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