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IBM530 Introduction To International Business Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

IBM is a well-known company that provides business solutions to people all around the world. The IBM530 Introduction To International Business course will give you an introduction to international trade and how it works, while also examining some important topics such as taxes for those who are new or upcoming in this area of work. After taking this course, you should have a better understanding of the different aspects of international business, and how to operate more effectively in this field.

International business is a fascinating field that deals with the globe’s interactions on an international scale. Many people don’t know much about it and those who do find themselves in-between jobs or careers, trying to decide what they want their future career path to be when faced with so many possibilities! The following article will introduce you not only to all of these terms but also give some insight into why this topic might interest anyone reading at home as well.

International business is the term used for all commercial transactions (private and governmental, sales, investments, logistics, and transportation) that take place between two or more nations. In a globalized economy, such as the one we live in today, international business has become increasingly important.

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Assignment Activity 1: Analyse Changes In International Trade At The Global Level 

Globalisation has had a profound effect on international trade. With the removal of barriers to trade and the opening up of economies, countries have been able to export and import goods and services more freely than ever before.

This has led to increased competition, as companies have sought to exploit new markets and take advantage of lower production costs in other countries. It has also resulted in a more globalised economy, with businesses becoming increasingly reliant on international supply chains.

At the same time, critics argue that globalisation has had negative consequences for workers in developed countries, as they have lost their jobs as companies move operations overseas. We also claim that it has contributed to widening inequality between rich and poor countries.

Looking ahead, it is unclear what the future of international trade will hold. The current global economic environment is uncertain, and there are signs that protectionism is on the rise. This could lead to a slowdown in trade growth or even a reversal of the globalisation process.

Assignment Activity 2: Demonstrate Values, Attitudes & Professionalism In Strategies & Operations Of International Business In A Real-World Context

To demonstrate values, attitudes, and professionalism in the strategies and operations of international business, it is important to first understand the meaning of each term. Values can be described as a set of beliefs that a person or group holds dear. Attitudes refer to a person’s feelings or views about something, while professionalism refers to how a person conducts themselves in their professional life.

With this in mind, it is clear that demonstrating values, attitudes, and professionalism in international business requires more than just a cursory understanding of the concepts. Rather, it necessitates a deep commitment to embodying these qualities in all aspects of one’s work.

When it comes to international business, individuals need to remember that they are representing not only themselves but also their company. As such, it is essential to act with integrity and respect at all times, maintain open communication with colleagues and clients, and always put the needs of the business first. By upholding these values, attitudes, and professionalism in the workplace, individuals can help to create a positive image for their company and contribute to its success.

Assignment Activity 3: Apply Concepts, Theories & Emerging Issues In International Business 

When it comes to international business, there are several important concepts, theories and emerging issues to keep in mind. Here are just a few of the most essential:

One of the most important concepts in international business is ‘export readiness. This term refers to the preparation that must be undertaken before entering into overseas markets. export-ready firms typically have a strong understanding of the cultural, political and regulatory landscape of their target market(s). We also tend to head-start compliance with any relevant laws and regulations. Furthermore, these firms usually have a well-defined marketing strategy for breaking into new markets. All of this ensures that they can quickly and effectively enter into new markets, without facing unnecessary delays or setbacks.

Another key concept is ‘cross-cultural competence’. This refers to the ability of individuals and organizations to function effectively in cross-cultural environments. To be competent, individuals need to be aware of their own cultural biases and assumptions, as well as those of others. We also need to have the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate different cultures. Organizations, on the other hand, need to have systems and processes in place that take cultural differences into account.

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