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ABP791 Applied Business Project I UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

ABP791, Applied Business Project I at UITM in Malaysia, offers a comprehensive understanding of the pivotal role of business research in decision-making. This specialized course delves into various facets, including the identification of business research problems, research design, theoretical frameworks, measurement scales, questionnaire design, data processing, analysis, and interpretation. Furthermore, students will learn to craft a research proposal and present research reports, culminating in a well-rounded grasp of business research methodologies and their practical applications.

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Assignment Activity 1: Analyze relevant literature and databases to conceptualize research framework and academic constructs with integrity in various aspects of applied business.

The assignment activity you’ve described is related to research in the field of applied business. It involves several key steps and objectives, which I’ll explain in English:

  • Analyze Relevant Literature and Databases: In this step, you are expected to review and study existing literature, research papers, books, and databases related to your research topic. This is done to understand the current state of knowledge and research findings in your chosen area of applied business. It helps you identify what has already been studied and what gaps or opportunities exist for further research.
  • Conceptualize Research Framework: After conducting a literature review, you should work on developing a clear and well-structured research framework. A research framework is essentially a plan or structure for your study. It outlines the key components of your research, including the research questions, hypotheses, variables, and the overall approach you’ll use to investigate your topic.
  • Academic Constructs: In the context of academic research, “constructs” refer to abstract concepts or variables that researchers use to represent and measure certain phenomena. For example, in a business study, a construct could be “customer satisfaction” or “employee motivation.” You need to identify and define the specific constructs that are relevant to your research and understand how to measure or assess them.
  • Integrity in Various Aspects: Integrity in research means conducting your study in an ethical and honest manner. This includes being transparent about your methods, sources, and any potential conflicts of interest. It’s essential to maintain the highest ethical standards in research to ensure the credibility and reliability of your findings.

Overall, this assignment activity requires you to engage in a systematic and thorough process of reviewing existing research, developing a research plan, identifying key variables or constructs, and conducting your research with integrity and honesty. The ultimate goal is to contribute new knowledge and insights to the field of applied business through a well-conceived and ethically executed research project.

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Assignment Activity 2: Prepare a viable research proposal from selected topics relevant to applied business in an ethical and responsible manner.

In this assignment activity, your objective is to create a research proposal for a specific topic relevant to applied business. The proposal should be developed in an ethical and responsible manner, ensuring that your research plan is not only feasible but also adheres to ethical standards. Here’s what this assignment entails:

  • Topic Selection: Begin by selecting a research topic within the realm of applied business. This should be a specific area or issue you want to investigate or study. Your chosen topic should align with the objectives and interests of your academic program or course.
  • Research Question: Formulate a clear and concise research question. Your research question should be focused and well-defined, guiding the direction of your study. It should address a specific problem or aspect of applied business that you intend to explore.
  • Literature Review: Conduct a comprehensive review of existing literature and research relevant to your chosen topic. This step helps you understand the current state of knowledge, identify gaps in the literature, and position your research within the context of prior studies.
  • Research Objectives and Hypotheses: Define the specific objectives of your research. What do you aim to achieve with your study? Additionally, if applicable, create hypotheses that represent the expected outcomes of your research.
  • Methodology: Describe the research methods and techniques you plan to use. This includes data collection methods, data analysis tools, and the overall approach to gathering and interpreting information. Be sure to justify why you’ve chosen these methods and discuss their appropriateness.
  • Ethical Considerations: Address ethical considerations in your research. Discuss how you will ensure the protection of participants (if human subjects are involved) and how you plan to handle data ethically, including issues related to consent and confidentiality.
  • Research Timeline: Create a timeline or schedule for your research project. This should outline the key milestones and activities, indicating when each phase of the research will be completed.
  • Budget: If necessary, provide a budget estimate for your research project. Include expenses related to data collection, analysis, and any other research-related costs.
  • References: List all the sources and references you’ve consulted and cited in your proposal.

A well-structured research proposal demonstrates your understanding of the research process, your commitment to ethical research practices, and your ability to plan and execute a research project. It’s an essential step before commencing any research endeavor in the field of applied business.

Assignment Activity 3:  Present the research proposal report with the diverse team members.

In this assignment activity, you are required to present the research proposal report that you’ve developed to a team of diverse members. The purpose of this presentation is to communicate the details and significance of your research proposal to your team and receive feedback and input from individuals with varied perspectives and expertise. Here’s what this assignment involves:

  1. Research Proposal Report: First, you should have prepared a comprehensive research proposal report as outlined in Assignment Activity 2. This report should include all the elements such as the research topic, objectives, methodology, ethical considerations, timeline, and budget.
  2. Diverse Team Members: Your team members are likely to come from different backgrounds, disciplines, and expertise areas. The diversity within the team can be in terms of knowledge, skills, and perspectives, and it’s valuable for generating well-rounded feedback and insights.
  3. Presentation: During the presentation, you will explain the key elements of your research proposal to your team members. This includes sharing the research question, objectives, the rationale for the study, the proposed methodology, ethical considerations, and any potential budgetary requirements.
  4. Interaction and Feedback: After your presentation, there should be a period for questions, discussions, and feedback. Your team members may ask clarifying questions, offer suggestions for improvement, raise concerns, or provide valuable insights based on their own experiences and expertise.
  5. Adaptations and Revisions: Based on the feedback and discussions during the presentation, you may need to make adaptations or revisions to your research proposal. This process is crucial for refining your proposal and ensuring that it aligns with the input from your diverse team members.
  6. Collaboration: Emphasize the collaborative aspect of the presentation and feedback process. Engage with your team members in a constructive and open manner, showing your willingness to work together to enhance the quality and viability of the research proposal.

Presenting your research proposal to a diverse team provides the opportunity to benefit from various perspectives and expertise, helping to refine and strengthen your research plan. It also simulates the collaborative nature of research, which often involves working with colleagues from different backgrounds to achieve common research goals.

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