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IMS657 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Information Systems UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

IMS657 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Information Systems is an incredibly challenging, but also incredibly important course. From security compliance to intellectual property, this class covers all the legal concerns that are at the forefront of our heavily digitized world.

Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles around developing and implementing full-scale information systems, along with an invaluable toolbox to craft their own best ethical practices. This course gives students the opportunity to become knowledgeable in the law and get creative in finding solutions to the most pressing problems that rely on a legal lens.

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Assignment Activity 1: Illustrate the concept of law and ethics in information systems.

Law and ethics play an important role in the world of information systems. Law defines what is considered acceptable and unacceptable behavior in the digital realm, whereas ethics are more concerned with ensuring a responsible, reasonable use of information systems.

For example, companies often adhere to privacy laws when using data to improve their services and products; likewise, individuals will often consider basic ethical principles such as respect, openness, integrity and fairness when considering how their data may be used. Through integration of legal and ethical principles into our daily interactions with information systems, we can ensure that our use of this technology remains secure, safe and equitable for all users.

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Assignment Activity 2: Apply relevant theories of ethics and moral in developing and utilizing information systems.

When it comes to developing and utilizing information systems, it is essential that we first consider ethical and moral theories. We must evaluate concepts such as confidentiality, integrity, privacy, accuracy, and trustworthiness in order to make sure that the systems being developed remain compliant with global ethical standards.

By ensuring that these philosophical principles are taken into account before creating a system, it will not only work better but also mitigate any potential legal issues that may arise from the unethical use of its components. Ultimately, applying relevant ethics and moral theories when developing and utilizing information systems is both responsible and necessary for people who want to make sure their designs are safe for users everywhere.

Assignment Activity 3: Demonstrate safety, information security, human right while developing and maintaining an information system.

Developing and maintaining an information system requires an organization to take due diligence in ensuring the safety, information security, and basic human rights of its customers. Every organization needs to create a culture of responsibility by investing resources in designing early warnings and risk minimization strategies. To meet its obligations, any organization must continuously assess the systems in use and develop robust systems that adhere to stringent standards set forth by regulatory and ethical guidelines.

Constant monitoring of system usage should be underway to ensure the safety of customer data and oversight of those who can access it. Furthermore, it is important for organizations to firmly abide by all laws intended to protect privacy and free speech while operating within their boundaries. Ultimately, successful implementation of a safe and secure information system not only keeps customers safe from harm but also allows them to have faith in the integrity of the system they’re using.

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