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DSC551 Programming For Data Science Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

Data scientists spend a lot of time and energy on data analysis. To get the best results, you need an automated solution that can take care of all these tedious tasks for them. DSC551 Programming For Data Science will teach students how they work with programming languages like R or…

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ASM552 Project Management Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

The ASM552 Project Management qualification will equip you with the skills to ensure successful projects from the beginning through the end. Core topics include policy compliance, risk assessment and management as well as project Scarborough Station which focuses on how best practices can be applied at any stage in your…


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CSP600 Project Formulation Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

CSP600 project formulation has some unique features that set it apart from other similar software packages. The most notable of these is the emphasis on modelling functionality, which includes tools such as scripts and functions to help streamline the work process across projects or organizations by providing standard solutions for…

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MKT542 Channel Management Case Study Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia 

The success of a company’s marketing strategy is largely dependent on how they manage its channels. This channel management case study will explore what it takes for companies to be successful in maintaining an effective presence through multiple platforms and why having dedicated staff members or contractors who are able-bodied…


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MAF661 Strategic Management Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

Strategic Management can be a challenging course to teach because it requires students not only to understand the theoretical concepts involved, but they must apply those knowledge principles for their understanding of this subject matter truly sink into place. This is where I think my expertise comes into play -…


CSC264 Introduction To Web And Mobile Application Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

In this course, you will learn about the web application development life cycle and its relation to mobile applications. You'll also study different methods for building websites that work on both desktop computers as well tablets or smartphones. In addition, you will be introduced to various web development frameworks such…

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ELC650 Email Writing UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The ELC650 Email Writing service is designed to help businesses keep in contact with their customers by sending out targeted emails. It will write personalized messages on behalf of your business, providing the best possible experience for both parties involved. The ELC650 Email Writing service is easy to use. Simply…


CSC339 Practical Training Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

This is the perfect opportunity for you to get hands-on experience with CSC339 and learn about how it works. The practical training will help you to get a feel for the different aspects of the course, and how they fit together. It will also give you an insight into how…


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ENT600 Technopreneurship Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

ENT 600 Technopreneurship covers the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur, from starting your own business to managing it successfully. This course will give students the practical skills and knowledge needed to start their own business, as well as provide an overview of the entrepreneurial process. Topics covered include…

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