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PHT485 Exercise Physiology UITM Assignment Answer Malaysia

PHT485 Exercise Physiology is a comprehensive course offered at UITM Malaysia that introduces students to the fundamental concepts and scientific knowledge necessary to comprehend the principles of exercise physiology and the functioning of the human body during physical activity. The course emphasizes the understanding of various factors that influence exercise and training, including nutrition, body composition, and environmental conditions.

During the course, students will have the opportunity to develop a strong foundation in exercise physiology and gain practical experience in conducting physical health and fitness assessments. By studying this course, students will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to evaluate an individual’s physical capabilities, design appropriate exercise programs, and monitor the effects of exercise on the human body.

PHT485 Exercise Physiology provides students with a comprehensive understanding of how the body responds and adapts to exercise, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding exercise prescription and training interventions. Through theoretical and practical components, students will learn to apply scientific principles in assessing and enhancing human performance, ultimately preparing them for careers in fields related to exercise science, sports medicine, or physical therapy.

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Malaysia UITM PHT485 Exercise Physiology Assignment Solution Example

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Assignment Task 1 : Apply the energy system, exercise metabolism, physiological responses to exercise, thermal regulation, nutrition and body composition, and training performance.

Energy Systems: The phosphagen system provides immediate energy through the breakdown of stored ATP and creatine phosphate. The anaerobic glycolytic system produces ATP by breaking down stored glycogen, and it is the primary energy source for high-intensity activities lasting 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The aerobic system utilizes oxygen to generate ATP from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and it is the dominant energy system during prolonged, low-to-moderate intensity exercise.

Exercise Metabolism: Carbohydrates and fats are the primary substrates used for energy production, with their relative contributions depending on exercise intensity and duration. Proteins can also contribute to energy production, but their role is minimal compared to carbohydrates and fats.

Physiological Responses to Exercise: Exercise elicits various physiological responses to meet the increased demands on the body. The cardiovascular system responds by increasing heart rate, stroke volume, and cardiac output to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles. The respiratory system responds by increasing ventilation to meet the higher oxygen demand and remove carbon dioxide. The musculoskeletal system adapts to exercise by recruiting motor units, increasing blood flow to the muscles, and enhancing oxygen and nutrient delivery.

Thermal Regulation: During exercise, the body regulates its core temperature through thermoregulation mechanisms. Sweating and increased blood flow to the skin aids in dissipating heat and maintaining a stable core temperature.

Nutrition and Body Composition: Proper nutrition is essential for supporting exercise performance and optimizing body composition. Body composition, including the ratio of muscle mass to fat mass, influences athletic performance and overall health.

Training Performance: Optimizing training performance involves various factors, including exercise selection, intensity, duration, frequency, and progression. Proper program design, incorporating principles of specificity, overload, and individualization, can help enhance performance. Monitoring training load, recovery strategies, and addressing individual needs and goals are crucial for maximizing performance gains while minimizing the risk of overtraining and injury.

Assignment Task 2 :Appraise the current literature in exercise recommendations and training.

To appraise the current literature in exercise recommendations and training, it is important to review studies and research articles that provide evidence-based guidelines and recommendations. Evaluating the quality of research, study design, sample size, and statistical analyses is crucial in assessing the validity and reliability of the findings. Considering the relevance and applicability of the research to specific populations, such as different age groups, fitness levels, and health conditions, is also essential.

Comparisons between different training methods, investigations into optimal exercise durations and frequencies, and examinations of long-term adherence and sustainability of exercise programs should also be considered.

 This evaluation process helps ensure that exercise recommendations and training protocols are based on robust scientific evidence and can be effectively applied in practice to promote health, fitness, and performance

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Assignment Task 3:Evaluate health screening, fitness and exercise testing, and exercise prescription (FITT-ProV Principles) for special

Health Screening: It helps identify any contraindications or precautions related to exercise participation and ensures the safety and appropriateness of the prescribed exercise regimen. Special populations, such as individuals with cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary conditions, metabolic disorders, or musculoskeletal limitations, may require more comprehensive health screening to tailor exercise recommendations to their specific needs.

Fitness and Exercise Testing: Fitness and exercise testing provide objective measurements of an individual’s physical fitness, functional capacity, and specific physiological parameters. These tests can include assessments of cardiovascular fitness (e.g., maximal oxygen uptake), muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, body composition, and other relevant markers of physical performance. Special populations may require modifications to standard testing protocols to accommodate their specific limitations or conditions. Fitness and exercise testing results can guide exercise prescription and help track progress over time.

Exercise Prescription (FITT-ProV Principles):

Exercise prescription involves tailoring exercise programs based on the individual’s health status, goals, fitness level, and specific needs. The FITT-ProV principles serve as a framework for designing effective exercise programs:

  1. Frequency: Determining the number of exercise sessions per week.
  2. Intensity: Selecting the appropriate level of exercise intensity based on the individual’s capabilities and goals.
  3. Time (Duration): Setting the duration of each exercise session.
  4. Type: Choosing the appropriate modes or types of exercise activities to meet the individual’s goals and preferences.
  5. Progression: Gradually increasing the exercise stimulus over time to promote adaptations and prevent plateaus.
  6. Volume: Calculating the total amount of exercise (e.g., repetitions, sets, distance) performed within a given period.
  7. Variation: Incorporating variation in exercise modes, intensities, and methods to prevent boredom and enhance motivation.

For special populations, exercise prescription should consider any limitations, contraindications, or precautions identified through health screening and fitness testing. Programs should be individualized, focusing on functional improvements, disease management, and enhancing overall quality of life while prioritizing safety and adherence. Regular reassessment and modifications to the exercise prescription may be necessary to accommodate changes in health status or goals.

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