Water Treatment Engineering Course Work, UPM, Malaysia A cascade aerator consisting of three circular trays with a total height of fall of 1.8 m is designed to treat a flow of 50 MLD

University Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
Subject Water Treatment Engineering

A cascade aerator consisting of three circular trays with a total height of fall of 1.8 m is designed to treat a flow of 50 MLD. The aerator has a circular collecting basin with a diameter of 22.5 m.

Cheek whether the aerator can aerate and achieve up to 85 percent of the saturation dissolved oxygen concentration. If this is not achieved, suggest the necessary modification to the design. Use the following information:

Saturation dissolved oxygen concentration of the water – 8,8 mg/I,
The dissolved oxygen concentration of the raw water – 3.8 mg/I.
Value of an in Gameson’s Formula = 1.2
Value of b in Gameson’s Formula 1.3

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