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ADE431 Cooper Tooling UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

The ADE431 Cooper Tooling UITM course in Malaysia provides students with a comprehensive understanding of materials, tools, techniques, and processes essential for mastering the art of copper tooling. This course equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to create intricate designs and artwork on copper surfaces.

Through hands-on practical sessions, students learn how to manipulate copper, use specialized tools, and implement various artistic techniques to produce stunning copper tooling pieces. By the end of the course, students will have developed a strong foundation in this unique art form, allowing them to express their creativity and craftsmanship through copper tooling with confidence.

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Assignment Task 1:  Acquire and apply knowledge of copper tooling technique on copper foil or any suitable metal foil. (C4)

Assignment Task 1 is asking you to learn about and practice the copper tooling technique on copper foil or another metal foil that is suitable for this craft. Here’s a breakdown of what this assignment involves:

  • Acquire Knowledge: You are expected to gather information and knowledge about the copper tooling technique. This includes understanding the tools, materials, and methods used in copper tooling. You can do this through research, reading relevant books, articles, or watching instructional videos.
  • Apply Knowledge: Once you have acquired the necessary knowledge, you need to put it into practice. This means actually working with copper foil or a suitable metal foil and using the copper tooling technique. You will use the tools and methods you learned about to create a design or artwork on the foil.
  • Choice of Material: You can work with copper foil, but the assignment also allows for the use of other suitable metal foils. It’s important to select a metal foil that can be easily tooled and is appropriate for this type of craft.
  • Explanation: Finally, the assignment task may require you to provide an explanation or report on your process. This could include documenting the steps you took, the challenges you faced, and the results you achieved. You might also discuss the historical and cultural significance of copper tooling or the creative possibilities it offers.

The assignment is essentially a hands-on learning experience that encourages you to both learn about a specific craft technique and put that knowledge into practice by creating your own artwork using the copper tooling method. It’s a combination of research, experimentation, and creative expression.

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Assignment Task 2: Recognize copper tooling tools and their use throughout the fabrication process. (P3)

Assignment Task 2 instructs you to identify and understand the tools used in copper tooling and their respective roles throughout the fabrication process. Here’s a breakdown of this task:

  • Recognize Tools: You should be able to identify and name the specific tools used in the copper tooling process. These tools could include items like embossing styluses, tracing tools, chasing tools, anvils, and burnishers, among others. Each of these tools serves a unique purpose in the craft.
  • Understand Their Use: Beyond merely recognizing the tools, you need to comprehend how and when each tool is used during the fabrication process. This involves knowing the techniques and methods associated with each tool. For instance, understanding which tools are used for creating fine lines, adding texture, or shaping the metal.
  • Throughout Fabrication Process: It’s essential to be aware of where in the fabrication process each tool comes into play. Copper tooling typically involves multiple steps, from designing and tracing a pattern onto the metal foil to embossing, shaping, and finishing the artwork. You should know which tools are used at each of these stages.

In summary, this assignment task requires you to not only be able to identify copper tooling tools but also to understand their functions and how they are integrated into the entire fabrication process. This knowledge is crucial for effectively creating copper tooling artwork and achieving the desired results.

Assignment Task 3:  Exhibit familiarity and competence with basic copper tooling skills. (A4)

Assignment Task 3 expects you to demonstrate a level of comfort and skill in basic copper tooling. Here’s a breakdown of what this task entails:

  • Exhibit Familiarity: You should show that you are acquainted with the fundamental concepts, techniques, and principles of copper tooling. This means you understand the basics of working with copper or metal foil, as well as the tools and methods used in this craft.
  • Demonstrate Competence: This task requires you to actually apply your knowledge by showcasing your ability to perform basic copper tooling skills. You should be capable of using the tools effectively and executing simple copper tooling tasks with confidence and precision.
  • Basic Copper Tooling Skills: “Basic copper tooling skills” typically include tasks like embossing, creating simple designs or patterns on copper foil, and applying basic texturing techniques. It may also involve shaping and finishing the copper to achieve the desired artistic or decorative effect.
  • A4 Level: The “A4” notation likely refers to a specific level of competency or achievement. The exact meaning of “A4” can vary depending on the grading or assessment system in use. In some systems, “A4” might signify a high level of proficiency or accomplishment.

In summary, Task 3 requires you to not only have a theoretical understanding of copper tooling but also the practical ability to carry out basic copper tooling tasks. You are expected to demonstrate both familiarity and competence in this craft at a specific level, denoted by “A4,” which would need to be clarified according to your specific grading system or guidelines.

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