AACS3064: Computer Systems Architecture Assignment, TARC, Malaysia Suggest an application program / system which includes arithmetic computations from any one of the following industries

University Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC)
Subject AACS3064: Computer Systems Architecture

Tasks to do

  1. Suggest an application program / system which includes arithmetic computations from any one of the following industries / system. ( You are not allow to develop a calculator for this assignment)
  • Agriculture industry (e.g.: Fishing, timber, etc.)
  • Finance services industry (e.g.: banking, insurance, etc.)
  • Community system (e.g.: society, etc.)
  1. Write a proposal on your proposed system to the tutor in-charge for approval, with the following criteria.

The Proposal (Part A1)

Description Rec              no. of pages
The Proposal

(Will be attached as an INTRODUCTION in the final submission.)

1.      Member Details (Programme, Class, name & ID)

2.      Industry selected

3.      Company background

4.      Propose Functions to be included

5.      Propose Formulas used

6.      Assumptions [If any]

7.      Flow chart




5- 6




The confirmation of the proposed system is pending approval by the tutor in-charge.

  1. Complete the program

Your program should perform the following requirement: –

  • Prompt for user login to begin using the system
  • Provide an avenue for users to enter test data.
  • Perform arithmetic computations.
  • Seek confirmation for the next set of actions to be taken.
  • Perform validation and offer constructive guidelines for correct test data to be key in by the users.
  • Upon the completion of the testing OR user has responded an “N” (NO) to end the testing program, the system must be able to display a summary of the total number of attempt and thank you note.
  • Calculation of 5% Sales and Service Tax (SST) or others (e.g discount in percentage) (in 3 decimal places).

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