CWP3014: Evaluate the current suggested Gifted Education system requirements and discuss what are the variables: Introduction to Web Design Assignment, UOW, Malaysia

Subject CWP3014 Introduction to Web Design

CLO 3: Explain and evaluate security issues in relation to web design

Assignment instructions/Background

This assignment is an individual attempt.
General Instructions:

This assignment covers contributes to 20% to the total grade. Based on the following topic, students need to do scholarly research (journal articles, conference proceedings and academic books) and construct a research-based report.

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For this assignment, students are required to review at least 10 academic articles. Please minimize the use of online resources such as online magazine, newspaper or personal blog. The usage of Wikipedia and Technopedia as reference are strictly prohibited. Students need to critically review articles from selected journal and construct research-based report according to the listed requirements.

Gifted education in Malaysia can be traced back to the 1980s. However, the first gifted school was established in 2011. It was later included in the policy as the awareness of gifted education gained more significance. The gifted education curriculum is specifically designed to tailor to the needs of gifted students while also accommodating the standard national curriculum. To create a more sustainable pool of talented students, a standardized testing will be conducted to maintain or identify gifted students.

Based on the requirements provided, here is an assignment question for a project that aims to support standardized testing across all public-school systems in a large and populous state:

• The system should support standardized testing for Standard 3 to Form 5.
• The system should track student test scores by school, teacher, and student.
• Short answer and essay questions will be manually graded by teachers and
added to the system.
• A change approval process involving three different government agencies is
required for changes to student grade keeping to ensure security.
• The state does not own its hosting center, but outsources it to a third party.
• The system must be able to defend its budget each fiscal year.
• You can suggest additional requirements that can support the main
requirements for this assignment.

(a) Evaluate the current suggested Gifted Education system requirements and
discuss what are the variables that are needed to be evaluated in terms of web security.

(b) Suggest any other additional features or appropriate protocols needed to
further fortify the site.

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