ABXM1103: MAN, SOCIETY AND CULTURE Assignment, OUM, Malaysia The International Labour Organization (ILO) reports that more than 15 million children or nearly one in every 10 children

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)


The International Labour Organization (ILO) reports that more than 15 million children or nearly one in every 10 children worldwide are involved in child labour. Nearly half of the children were involved in hazardous work and over two-thirds were out of school. Why are efforts to eradicate these symptoms still not showing results?

Part 1: Based on the statement above:

  1. Describe in detail your understanding of the concept of age division in terms of age in society.
  2. Choose any country that has the highest child labour use in the world and discuss the causes of child labour abuse in that country with examples.
  3. Give your opinion on the implications of the widespread use of child labour in the country.
  4. State FOUR efforts that can be done by the country to overcome the problem of child labour.

Part 2: Online Class Participation

This part requires students to participate actively in the myINSPIRE eforum.  Discuss the following topics in the forum and submit proof of your participation with your tutor and peers in the eforum online discussions:

  1. Why is the abuse of child labour still happen in underdeveloped countries? Discuss.
  2. Discuss the role of the United Nations (UN) in overcoming the problem of child labour around the world.

Instruction on how to submit proof of online class participation:

  1. Select the best FIVE (5) of your postings from the forum discussion in myINSPIRE.
  2. Do screenshots of the postings and include them as images in your Part 2 assignment file.
  • The screenshots should be in an image file (either in JPG or PNG format). Refer to the sample of Screen Grab below.

The screenshots should contain the name, title of the discussion, day, date and time.

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