Land Surveying Assignment, UGM, Malaysia The junctions of the square grid shown above were levels taken to determine the volume of excavation necessary

University Universiti Geomatika Malaysia (UGM)
Subject Land Surveying

Land Surveying

The junctions of the square grid shown above were levels taken to determine the volume of excavation necessary to flatten the area PQRS to a required level of 70.25m. The horizontal distance between grid points is 30m.

A road is needed to link the area PQRS to an existing road. The survey was carried out starting from point D7 and the centre line of the proposed road is perpendicular to RS with marks planted 30m apart along the centre line with the last distance of 35.20m to the edge of the existing road. Levels were taken to the centre marks and also 15m on either side of the centre marks with the levels as shown in the diagram above.

a) Plot the survey (area PQRS and the proposed road) at a scale of 1:2000 and CALCULATE the volume of cut within the area PQRS.
b) Plot the longitudinal section of the existing surface of the proposed road starting from D7 to the Edge of the Existing Road.

If the proposed road has a falling gradient of 1:25 starting at D7, calculate the cut or fill at each of the 30m marks along the centre line of the proposed road if the formation level of the road at D7 is 70.25.

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